Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Raj on Taj

I have been to a few good Indian restaurants in Adelaide and so far, have not been disappointed with any of them yet. Raj on Taj was no exception to the list and not only is it a good place to mellow down with some friends, but they also do home delivery in case you prefer to have a quiet meal at home with your loved ones;)

The looking at Raj on Taj's interior design, I wonder if customers feel like a Maharajah whilst dining there! It is a good spot to dine and the waiters are very efficient and attentive.

Mango lassi~ I have never found one that I dislike and I doubt that I would anytime soon.

Lime drink~ very refreshing and not as sweet as I have expected:)

Butter chicken~ marinated chicken fillets in gingered cream tomato, capsicum and cardamom. Not too spicy and had a really nice blend of spices in it.

Garlic naan~ you do have the choice between naan or rice to go with your curry but I always like having naan as it tends to absorb the curry well:) Rice would be ideal if you need more carbohydrate to keep you fueled.

Pappadum~ I have never got this at any Indian restaurant in Adelaide before and was impressed with how much it resembles the ones I had from Malaysia.

Overall, I enjoyed my dinner despite not being able to taste everything on the menu. Would definitely be a good place dine if you have a group of friends who have no idea what to have for dinner. Rocking up without reservations may be fine on some days but do book to be sure! And if all fails, there's always the home delivery option!!

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