Monday, February 11, 2013

Chanay Restaurant

Many apologies for not updating this site as often as I did. I have landed in Malaysia about 10 days ago and have been on an internet quota as it was more cost-effective to do so at home. Who needs the internet when you can spend quality time with your family and friends as well as do some well deserved shopping?!! Will update these little details in the next blogpost but for now, it's munch talk!

This restaurant used to be Thai oriented but had recently changed directions over the past few months. This time round, it is more Hong Kong based and although the taste may not be identical to the ones in Hong Kong, it is decent fare to obtain especially if you are craving for it. I have never been to Hong Kong (but am planning to head there one day) and when I do, it will be another food frenzy moment.

Hot and cold tea~ Apparently this is one of Hong Kong's signature drinks and if you have never had it in Hong Kong before, you are missing out (like me). The boy said it wasn't as good as the one he had in Hong Kong but I found this pretty good as it had a nice tea aroma to it.

Fried pork with rice~ another Hong Kong speciality and despite it's quirky choice of ingredients, it does appeal to a lot of people. Gooey cheesy goodness dripping on a bed of warm rice...a savoury, guilty pleasure indeed.

Claypot chicken rice~ the sauce is served separately and there is more than enough to splash all over the rice. Vegetable pieces were lightly blanched in water and one could tell that the chicken pieces were marinated prior to cooking it with the rice in the claypot.

Overall, the restaurant has a good selection of dishes and you may see unexpected items like spaghetti included in. This was my first visit there and I have yet to try everything on the menu so if you do drop by, do let me know how you find the place!:)

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