Monday, February 11, 2013

Malaysia I see you

Helloooo Malaysia! A very belated blogpost but better late than never right? Here are some snippets via my iphone. Loads more to come but until then, enjoy!
Airport~ I took the bus there and arrived early, waited for a good 2 hours before I could board and was definitely excited throughout the ride home!

I like clear blue skies~

Plane lunch~ not exactly a luxury but Malaysia Airlines (MAS) do serve decent meals. I have been boarding MAS since I was 5? and their meals have yet to disappoint me badly. Appetizers, main, desserts...not to mention their friendly cabin crew!

The plane was about 60% filled with people that day. I had the luxury of using 2 screens..felt like I'm in some multi-screen office corner hehe:)

"Chicken pie or Mexican roll", asked the flight stewardess. I said "chicken roll". 

Topshop!! I loveeeee youuuuuuu (and the sale, of course hehe)

I always had a thing for military clothes and couldn't keep my eyes off this one since I spotted it online. RM399 for this beauty. No, I didn't get it:(

My sister's favourite. She had it for 2 consecutive days. Damn she's awesome:)

Gong Cha bubble tea anyone? I have tried their signature green tea drink and am looking forward to trying their bubble teas soon. Any recommendations??:D

Lam fa fan and pak tong koh~ apparently the blue-ish colour is obtained from morning glory flower extracts which is added to glutinious rice prior to cooking. Delicious and cheap Nyonya sweets (for those who don't know, Nyonya refers to a culture which originates from the local Malay's intergrating their culture with the Chines traders whom travelled to Malaya).

Iggy's restaurant in Singapore~ rated top 30 in the world and it is located in nowhere else other than the swanky Hilton Hotel. I was superbly impressed with their exterior appearance.

I found thee H&M...but I didn't buy anything from you???! D; Wrong time for sure:(

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