Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Operator 25, CBD MELB

Woke up late on Sunday? check. Unexplained hunger? Gotcha. This sums me up pretty well on a weekend, ideally. Although there would be a few days whereby waking up late is not really an option and I would have been too stuffed from Saturday's dinner to even think about food on Sunday haha.

I saw a handful of friends upload pictures of Operator 25's matcha hot cakes on Instagram and thought to myself, why not? I don't mind a sweet brekkie every now and then..and so, off I go:)

Balinese pulled pork burger with fried egg, cabbage and carrot slaw, chilli mayo served with sweet potato wedges. Due to lack of experience with Balinese cuisine, I do not trust my narration of this dish (and neither should you haha). However, a foodie friend of mine liked it very much as it reminded him of something similar from a Balinese restaurant. Oh and sweet potato wedges were delishhh.

Beer battered soft shell crab with Thai style salad, toasted peanuts, tamarind dressing and sesame rice crackers. A really light dish for those not feeling too peckish or if you opt for something less sinful. Or if you are like me who wants to save some tummy space for desserts;) Very refreshing it was.

Smoked chicken and vegetable hash with tomato chutney and poached egg.

Matcha and white chocolate hotcakes, mandarin mascarpone, toasted hazelnuts, banana chips and cherry coulis ~ was not as sweet as I had anticipated it to be and probably a good thing as well! Aesthetically brilliant and one can taste the individual characteristics of every component. Sour, bitter and sweet in motion.

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