Monday, December 1, 2014

Taste of Singapore, Clayton MELB

It's Malaysian monday again and what better way to showcase my love for affordable and yummy food than discovering a new cafe/restaurant?

This is a very tiny cafe that sits somewhere near the residential area in Clayton. Not much to rave about the interior but what's lacking in terms of decor and utilities, they sure do make up with service and food.

Briyani rice with curry chicken ~ this was slightly more than enough for me so don't fret about not getting fed enough. Kinda liked the fact that we were sitting in front of the TV, feels just like home;)

Nasi lemak ~ wanted more despite knowing how much calories involved with every spoonful.

Mee rebus ~ would have liked a bit more sauce to soak my noodles in but nevertheless, it was such a treat. Chicken skewers were tender and very flavourful.

Seri muka ~ for those who are unfamiliar, this is basically glutinous rice steamed with a layer of pandan custard on top. Pandan custard was sweet enough for my liking although the rice was a little too compact for me.

Taste of Singapore @ Ida & Abas Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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