Friday, February 27, 2015

Jinda Thai Restaurant, Abbotsford MELB

I have a list of "must eat" places in Melbourne whereby a few places are slowly getting marked off from the list. Slowly as in progressing at snail speed. But hey, a treat with loved ones every now and then will surely compensate for the travelling distance, right?:)

This happened a few weeks ago so please bear with me as I do not have the best memory in the world.

Fish cakes with peanut dipping sauce ~ an easy start for the night.

This may look like a semi-fried slice of pumpkin. But it's not! It's actually a piece of deep fried fish.

Green chicken curry ~ not too spicy but still has a pleasantly mild tinge of chilli in it. Chicken pieces were tender and that sauce..irresistible with rice.

Fried rice ~ Very rarely can I cook up a decent plate of fried rice and so, it's a dish that I am keen on trying out with friends. Satisfied I was with the golden colour rice that is quickly fried with it's condiments.

From memory, this was a seafood broth that had little hints of tangy and sweetness to it. The four of us had 2 portions each and boy, was the chef generous with the quantity of seafood in it.

Deep fried soft shell crab with egg ~ oh yum, I can't say no to soft shell crabs at all. What's not to love about something that's so easy to eat and requires little messing around with. The sinful egg gravy paired perfectly with the crunchy pieces of soft shell crabs. I may be biased here but do try this out yourself and let me know what you think!

Pandan crepe cake ~ and now..the much anticipated section of the blog.. *drum rolls* I spotted this dessert many months prior to coming here and alas, I get to sink my teeth into it. The pandan flavour blends well with the coconut ice cream. The "sauce" here had subtle hints of pandan and in a way, lends some moisture and flavour to the cake. Overall, favourite flavour for the night.

Thai milk tea crepe cake ~ this was a much sweeter version when compared to the pandan flavoured one. Still delicious overall but favourite is still the pandan edition. Did note that there were many other flavours on the menu to which, we unfortunately could not finish by ourselves. 

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