Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kenji Japanese Dining, Camberwell MELB

Chinese New Year is one of those times whereby it is almost compulsory to have good meals with family and friends. Growing up in a family that values tradition, I am constantly reminded to portray a good image during this season and as a foodie, to have food that signifies certain elements in one's life.

Note that I am not a hardcore believer but won't hurt to practice it. I will save the "forbidden" acts for another day but for now, let's focus on what type of food to eat. Without a doubt, I am missing yee sang, fatt choy etc dishes here but what I can manage with is fish and prawns which symbolizes abundance and laughter.

And where is the best place to "bless" yourself aside from the overly crowded Chinese restaurants? How about some Japanese to switch up the game this year? This is my first time exploring Camberwell and I am loving the good food vibe here.

Extremely attentive staff and value for money meals, this place will not disappoint. What I love most is the unpretentious feeling that I get when I walked in. I can definitely relax myself here. Dress codes? Nope.

Soft shell crab roll ~ I immediately noticed that the oil used to fry the crabs in is clean as there's no residues on the cooked crab. Some places tend to over-recycle their deep-frying oil which is just awful. Very simple dish but so satisfying.

Green tea milkshake ~ would have liked more green tea flavour in it but still a good attempt at serving something different (and probably much needed on a hot summer day).

Assorted sashimi rice bowl ~ from memory, this costs around $30 but it was worth every cent spent. Lots of sashimi pieces in it and certainly enough as a main.

Sushi and sashimi boat ~ we got a little hyped and ordered a mini boat so that there's enough for everyone and boy, was it. Extremely fresh and to say no to a colourful plate of;)

Tuna tataki ~ unfortunately, we found this a little too salty and overpowering for our liking. The garlic relish that sits on the tuna shadowed the tuna's lovely sweet taste which was such a shame. Nevertheless, always room for improvement:)

Green tea creme brulee ~ I have had creme brulees from various dessert shops before and for a sushi restaurant that does not specialize in dessert, I take my hat off to a good attempt. Again, would have liked more green tea kick to it but as something to finish off one's palate, I am not complaining:)

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