Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sakura Inn Japanese restaurant, Camberwell MELB

Camberwell is my new playground for Japanese food and honestly, there's too many options. Second time round this area and tried a different restaurant which thankfully, had plenty of seating areas to accommodate large crowds so no reservations necessary on weekdays. However, reservations are probably necessary if you would like to order big platters of sushi.

Edamame ~ not too salty for my liking and a good start to the meal.

We had the sashimi boat which is beautifully decorated by the chef. The salmon pieces were arranged into a flower shape and the colour of their tuna sashimi proved that it was fresh.

Takoyaki ~ piping hot so be warned not to stick this into your mouth too quickly. Had large chunks of octopus pieces in the moist inner center of the ball.

Crab croquette ~ a little disappointed with this one as the meat was rather spongy in texture and we could barely taste any crab essence. Fried to perfection but could be so much better with more oomph from the crab.

Deep fried soft shell crabs with wasabi mayo ~ can never ever say no to soft shell crabs, what more when it's served with wasabit mayo. Again, piping hot and extremely juicy.

Green tea ice cream with Japanese pancake stuffed with red bean paste ~ not bad although would prefer more green tea in the ice cream.

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