Thursday, March 12, 2015

Malaysia: Around Publika

I have been back from Malaysia for almost a month now and I have yet to blog about my trip! Life's been travelling at the speed of a bullet train and it's so difficult to find time to chill.

Whinging aside, allow me to introduce to you more Malaysian food from Publika aka the "youngster" food hub whereby new restaurants mushroom in this region regardless of whether it has Asian or Western influence..always something for everyone there!:)

First up would be the Penang Road Famous Chendol which originates from Penang and has a long history to back it up. Quint little cafe that can accommodate maybe 20 customers and a small menu mostly consisting Penang favourites such as rojak, chendol and a few types of drinks.

From memory, a bowl costs around RM9, depending on which variation you opt for.

A bowl of shaved ice drizzled in gula Melaka syrup topped with strands of green "jelly" and covered in creamy coconut milk. Yes, one bowl is more than enough to keep you fueled for the afternoon. Not too bad although would have liked less coconut milk in mine:)

For dinner, a friend brought me to Okonomi, a newly opened Japanese restaurant that allows you to customize your sushi rolls. Feel free to pick your choice of rice, style of sushi (rice on the inside or outside), stuffing (2 types of meat and 1 type of vege), topping and dressing/sauce.

Found it quite amusing because we came up with all sorts of funky combinations that can make or break our friendship (haha jk!). But yes, the more peeps you have the merrier because you can surprise each other!

We had sushi with brown rice stuffed with cherry tomato, chicken karage and topped with kiwi mayonnaise and fried garlic chips. Yum!

Second option was deep fried soft shell crab, salmon and tamago sushi topped with cheesy mayonnaise and fish roe.

We ordered the CNY special which was fried chicken with shredded carrots and lettuce, rolled in soy based wrapped and drizzled with a sweetish orange sauce. Not too bad although the soy wrapper kept tearing on us.

The highlight would be their dessert menu which consists of so many types of green tea inspired desserts. Opted for a green tea lava cake and yes, it was bloody good. Highly recommended.

The sis had green tea ice cream which was also packed full of green tea flavour. Very smooth and extremely delicious.

Alas, bought a box of the famous macarons from Publika. Having tried macarons from various places in Australia and overseas, I found it challenging to give it a fair score. It is good but it's lacking something which I can't put a finger on. Ah wells..

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