Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shanghai Street Dumpling, CBD MELB

Been waiting for this restaurant to reopen since last year and now that they have finally reopened, I can get my quick fix of xiaolongbao. I am strangely attracted to dumplings, perhaps for the comfort that they offer or for the fact that these little morsels can be shared among groups of friends.

No bookings are allowed so be prepared to wait in line during peak trading hours such as lunch and dinner time. There are two outlets in the city; one's in Chinatown whilst the smaller outlet is located on the same street but just a street away from the GPO.

Service is pretty quick as the restaurant relies on a high customer turnover.

Cold steamed chicken with spring onions ~ a traditional appetizer in China. For personal reasons, I try to steer away from this dish but if you're feeling adventurous and prefer something not too heavy, this is a good start.

Shanghai fried noodles ~ in this restaurant, bulk portions is key. This plate alone is enough for two meals at at about $11, it's not too bad a price. A little bland and greasy but hey, can't complain much especially when it's compensated by it's price and portion.

Pork xiaolongbao ~ for those unfamiliar with xiaolongbao, it's actually a steamed dumpling which has a little spoonful of soup in it. Extremely hot and can potentially squirt out the wrong way if you bite into an incorrect spot. Slightly too big to take into one mouthful but still a good feed for what you're paying.

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