Saturday, May 2, 2015

Om Nom Dessert Bar, CBD MELB

Very rarely do I turn down dessert sessions and when I do, it's probably because I have been mischievous before dinner. I must have walked past this place countless of times in an attempt to secure a table.

Moral value of the story? Do not rock up without a booking. Good thing bookings were made and I can finally dine at this exclusive dessert bar. The surrounding is a bit too loud for my liking as it made conversations either really difficult or too loud for comfort.

Me being me could not decide what to have and chose the degustation option whereby I can choose at least three different desserts for a bundle price of $48.

Adelphi rose cocktail ~ could not decline a drink that night as it was celebratory in purpose.

Bombe Alaska ~ it was a show stopper upon arrival at our table. Unfortunately, the waitress who flambe-ed our dessert poured too much of the flammable liquid on our dessert, resulting in a burnt aftertaste on the meringue. Passionfruit, raspberry and grapefruit seems like a sour cocktail in the making but everything was well-balanced.

MagNOM ~ I can't say no to peanut butter inspired desserts and this was no exception. I liked the peanut dacquoise and peanut ice cream (plenty of nuttiness!).

Mango Alphonso ~ I liked the Asian flavours in this textural dish. Choux pastry was like the tie-breaker in this colourful dish where it brought all the individual elements together on a spoon.

Raspberry field ~ probably my favourite dessert for the night. Raspberry and lychee sorbet was a winner and those little baubles of rosewater and white chocolate were a pretty addition to the dish. Only downside was that I found it difficult to eat the meringue as it was quite solid.

Roast potatoes with duck fat ~ in case you're wondering, yes it was good and they do serve savoury food. Worth a try!:)

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