Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Paradise Road, Glen Waverley MELB

Celebrations are joyous events that may give one an excuse to splurge a little. After all, you are only celebrating that event once a year or once in a lifetime so why hold back?

As the hostess of this little feast, I was assigned to scout for good fare that is conveniently located for all of us and I'm sure you can guess where it is - yep, Glen Waverley. Considering that it was a Saturday night as well, bookings are necessary to avoid unwanted frustrations or anxieties.

Thai milk tea ~ most of us would have tried the Taiwanese or Hong Kong version of milk tea which is very similar to the Thai version. However, the Thai version does pack a lot more punch in terms of caffeine, much to my liking.

Fresh Tasmanian oysters with red chilli nahm jim and coriander ~ can't say I am a fan of ordering oysters at restaurants as it is costs more as opposed to purchasing it fresh from the markets. These oysters costs us $9 for 3 oysters. Flavour wise, whilst we enjoyed the nahm jim, the coriander slightly overpowered the delicate oyster taste.

Seafood tom yum ~ a traditional dish that we all liked to order at Thai restaurants. It may look spicy but in my opinion, it was only mildly spicy.

Yam woon sen ~ glass noodles with chicken, seafood and an assortment of vegetables. If you're ordering ala carte and not sharing with friends, this would be the dish to have. It is extremely refreshing and packed with tangy, sweet and slightly spicy flavours to entice your tastebuds. Oh and did I mention that it is also one heck of a healthy dish?;)

Thai pineapple fried rice ~ I am secretly obsessed with fried rice (it's a childhood habit) although I am aware that having too much of it can be a bad thing. This is one of the dishes that the Thais do extremely well. Rice is fried to golden perfection and just like the yam woon sen dish, this one is also packed with veggies and meat.

Masaman beef curry ~ when one has a rice dish at the table, it is only customary to order a curry dish with it. The flavours in this curry are quite mild but the beef pieces here had a nice consistency aka not chewy but soft.

Deep fried whole barramundi with Thai chilli sauce ~ what's a celebration without a fish? Despite being deep fried, the fish was not greasy at all. The drizzle of tangy dressing on top of the fish was refreshing and complimented the blanched vegetables well.

Mango sticky rice ~ seasonally available,  do order this if you get a chance. The amount of sticky rice on the plate is not overwhelming so fret not that it'll be too much to handle. We had a generous amount of fresh, sweet mango pieces on our plate and noted that the coconut cream takes down the sweetness by a notch. A perfect dessert to end the night.

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