Monday, November 2, 2015

Ichi Ichi Ku, South Yarra MELB

To me, Japanese food is the epitome of simplicity. By using the freshest ingredients available, one does not need to beat around the bush when it comes to preparing a good meal. Brownie points if it's of a remarkable quality too.

Some may know me as an adventurous foodie but in reality, I tend to stick to a pretty boring cycle when I am not out there to impress friends. And so, to break this vicious routine, a restaurant or cafe must have something unique that will lure me to it - not that this is a hard task to do, really;)

Ichi Ichi Ku is located a few tram stops out of Melbourne CBD, making it a potential dining option if you want to escape from the city crowd. The restaurant operates on a first come first serve basis as it is a tiny outlet so if you do arrive during peak hours with a big crowd of peeps, be prepared to wait. Service is attentive and friendly - one can easily catch the attention of a waiting staff within seconds.

Tuna tataki ~ lightly seared tuna with soy sauce, yuzu and shallot dressing. The acidity from the yuzu compliments the sweetness from the tuna well and the shallot dressing provided just the right amount of freshness to the dish. Very simple but done perfectly.

Spider roll ~ deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber and tartare sauce. One thing I did note throughout my time here is that the restaurant's theme is also based on healthy eating. By healthy eating I mean saying no to greasy deep fried food or fatty base sauces that will hike up your cholesterol levels. The soft shell crab here was not dripping in oil nor had the dreadful aftertaste that usually happens when cooking oil is recycled. Overall, one of the better soft shell crab rolls I have had in Melbourne.

Sushi nigiri mixed ~ the nigiri here is made using brown rice, something that's not commonly seen in most restaurants. Every piece of nigiri had been handled with care and beautifully plated. Only downside to ordering a sushi or sashimi platter is the cost. Not exactly the most affordable if you are famished.

Salmon teriyaki & mayo hako sushi ~ one of my favourites for the night purely based on the fact that it was so neatly prepared and tastes sensational. I had expected the mayo to overpower the taste of the salmon but thankfully, the chef exercised caution with it. The sushi pieces appear in uniform block pieces - a shape that I have never seen before in any Japanese restaurants. This will be the dish to order if you are feeling peckish.

Beef yakiniku don ~ I love the generous amount of sauce that evenly coats every piece of beef and just about every grain of rice. The don comes with a small serve of pickles on the side so that can be used as a palate cleanser. Only downside to this dish is that the beef was slightly overcooked and hence, bordering on the dry side.

Matcha tiramisu ~ whilst I can't really say this is a tiramisu, it is a delicious piece of cheesecake. Not overly sweet, slightly tart from the cheese and packed full of green tea aroma. This sums up the night well and basically sent me to cloud 9.

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