Sunday, July 24, 2016

Japan: Nara and Fushimi Inari Shrine

The sister and I once again, hopped on our beloved JR train enroute to Nara, Japan's first capital city. Truth to be told, it is probably overshadowed by other prominent capitals such as Kyoto and Tokyo, be it in terms of size and development.

Nevertheless, Nara gave us another reason to love Japan's serene environment and this time, with the help of deers wandering around the park. Be warned - these deers may attack (headbutt or bite) if you annoy them.

Doubt he was impressed that day - no deer crackers for you haha. We basically wandered around Todaiji temple, Heijo castle and Nara Park. We did not have the luxury of time but perhaps, we will on our next visit here.

Rice cracker that has been dosed with sugar - a filling snack, surprisingly.

Mochi - admittedly, I have not eaten a lot of mochi before but this one is pretty smooth textured, in my opinion, and melts away on your palate. Even the sister who's not a fan of anything glutinous ate her fair share of it without much resistance.

After our lunch break in Uji, we made our way to Fushimi Inari shrine before heading back to Kyoto. Follow the torii gate pathway that is hidden behind this shrine - it is a symbol of donations from individuals or companies. Each gate has the donator's name and date scribbled on it.

Some gates were damaged by heavy downfall, some were sunken perhaps due to soil erosion and some were deteriorating due to age. I think it adds character to the age of each gate:)

Yours truly monkey-ing around as usual.

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