Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Matcha acai and green smoothie mix recipe

Due to other commitments, I have been MIA-ing from the kitchen and am not experimenting with food as much as I would like to. I still do prepare weekday meals but it's usually a quick fix such as stir-fry or soup.

I am ashamed to also admit that I only upload a recipe post once a month if I have the luxury of time. I will, try, to amend this habit and post consistently - after all, I still enjoy cooking and I would like to share what sort of meals I prepare at home.

During the end of financial season clearance sale, I have convinced myself that I needed a clear glass that can make smoothies (aka baby food to some) look divine to carnivores.  And so, I bought myself a couple of Bodum glasses which came to $22. Not cheap but hopefully it'll serve its purpose well.

These days, I cannot live without a glass of freshly prepared fruit/veggie smoothie - it makes me feel extremely good on the inside. Placebo effect? Don't think so.

Without further ado, here's a jazzed up version of my green smoothie, this time round with a matcha acai mix. I love how each layer has its own unique texture and flavour - mixing the bubbly, slightly bitter matcha with the tart vanilla bean flavoured greek yoghurt followed by crunchy granola and green smoothie was a party on it's own!


Green smoothie:
1/2 avocado
Handful of baby spinach
20ml of soy milk
1 pear
cucumber slices

Blitz the above ingredients together

Matcha acai
1/4 tsp matcha powder
10ml warm water
3-4 tbsp soy milk
1 tsp acai

Prepare matcha by whisking powder in warm water followed by soy milk. Add acai and refrigerate overnight.

To assemble:
Place granola layer on matcha acai layer, followed by sliced kiwi around the cup, greek yoghurt, green smoothie and sprinkle with granola.


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