Thursday, August 3, 2017

April-May mobile updates

Past few months have whizzed by so quickly and alas, we have already passed the half way mark of the year. Having finally been able to settle myself comfortably, it's time to catch up on long overdue phone updates, in no particular order :)

Let's take a moment to appreciate my gym commitment - no job or male counterpart can ever distract me from smashing out my usual routine to the point where I am usually scrambling to prep myself before heading out. No time for make up or second thoughts on outfits haha.

The biggest dim sum portions can be found at Gold Leaf in Burwood, all tasting reasonably good as well:)

Homemade yam cake by WL's mum. I managed to finish half the box despite having had dinner prior.

The day the sister decided it was a good idea to purchase two dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. My sugar levels sky rocketed through the roof that week.

Macarons, a favourite of mine, as reminded by WL.

Also more favourites - soya bean with grass jelly and ice blended red bean smoothie.

I have a very guilty addiction towards toasted bread and found it hard to stop at just one piece of this kaya toast that has been generously slathered in pandan kaya and cubes of butter. Peanut butter toast was decent and probably something I could easily whip up at home.

The day WL regretted bringing me food shopping. I spoilt myself with my favourite Ben & Jerry's and Magnum ice cream hehe.

Easter was celebrated with my discovery of Baker's Delight cinnamon and raisin toast and hot cross buns. I have been addicted to them ever since and am abashed by it.

My most symmetrical shaped matcha biscuits. Very impressed was I at my keen eye for detail *pats self on the back*

Lychee white chocolate flavoured macarons - a failed attempt as shells were too dry and filling was pathetically runny.

Cake was part of my weekly diet in autumn and one that I slightly regretted now that we are approaching spring.

The French edition of Adidas superstars. Am a big fan of this colour combination and am over the moon when it was gifted to me:)

WL's homemade porridge to fuel me through my cold.

Always do feel special whenever I get surprised by roses. #suchasucker

Homemade curry noodles from cafe 68.

Stir fry beef hor fun in the making - another failed attempt and one that I had to reattempt a bit later.

Kit kat chocolatory goods (a scaled down version), available at supermarkets. Favourite flavour would be the espresso one. Worth the hype? I might stick to my usual Cadbury bars.

Coming home to a takeaway plate of food. Happiness staring back at me.

Because Starbucks is such a fundamental part of my life and I cannot help by reincarnate those travelling moments spent at their cafe.

A big bowl of okonomiyaki mix, ready to sizzle on the frying pan.

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