Monday, August 21, 2017

Melbourne Hwaro Korean BBQ, CBD MELB

As much as I love my hearty meals, I do lean towards fancier options from time to time, mostly for it's quieter atmosphere, allowing my "soft" voice to be heard by the crowd (let's say a maximum of 3 people).

Being located on the quieter side of Little Bourke Street, said friend and I could easily catch up, having not seen him for a couple of years. Reservations are a must here and the restaurant can get very packed after 7pm.

Side dishes are a must in any Korean restaurant.

Scallops and chilli pork belly - Sadly, scallops shriveled after being cooked on the hot plate and even more depressing to note that it costs $24.60 for 9 pieces :( Chilli pork belly was average and at $18.60 for a small serve, I am not sure if I would order it again in the future. Good quality pork pieces tho.

Soybean paste soup with seafood - perhaps said friend and I have some unfortunate luck as even the seafood pieces in this bowl of soup shriveled to pea sizes. Soup was decent and again, nothing to shout about.

Not the most affordable Korean BBQ place in Melbourne and I was still feeling peckish after we left :/

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