Sunday, September 3, 2017

Europe: El Xampanyet, Barcelona SPAIN

In a city where tapas dominate the food scene, it is easy to succumb to temptation and fall into a touristy restaurant serving expensive fare. Information gathered online should always be treated with scrutiny, nothing less.

El Xampanyet was one of the few places that I have conducted thorough research on and one that I equally feared disappointment, being a much regarded place by tourists. Diners can choose to sit at the bar and feast their eyes on the cook preparing different sets of tapas, made to order.
The sister loved Iberico jamon and happily ordered a plate of it, along with a serve of toasted bread with tomato juice and olive oil drizzled on it and a plate of calamari marinated in herbs. I am not a huge fan of jamon due to its strong aftertaste and only managed a few pieces, much to the sister’s delight.
Calamari rings were well marinated in a subtly flavoured olive oil which married well with its sweetness. A touch of herbs alleviated the overall taste and freshened up the palate.

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