Monday, September 18, 2017

Wealth Kitchen, Doncaster MELB

Viewed as a must have when the siblings and I get together, yum cha brings back fond childhood memories; selecting mini sharing plates of evenly shaped, bite sized morsels from a pushcart, the sound of workers calling out orders to each other, humid air pulsing with excitement looms the atmosphere. Be it indoors at a five star restaurant or outdoors by the roadside, with the exception of fancier staff uniforms and posh cutlery, there really is not much difference.

Just about every Chinese restaurant in Australia carries this same sentiment. Some do enforce a strict time limit per seating whilst others prefer to throw hints indirectly. Nevertheless, the siblings and I usually stick to our meal time frame provided that meals come in a timely manner.

We tend to order the same array of dishes each time and found that this restaurant does not differ much from the others that we have tried. I did enjoy the egg tart as the pastry layers were beautifully separated by the tiniest of margins and the custard was warm and extremely creamy.

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