Friday, April 13, 2018

The Hatter and the Hare, Bayswater MELB

Driving towards Bayswater brought back bittersweet memories of my early days in Melbourne. For one, I recalled dreading to wake up every morning despite feeling blessed to have actually set foot alright here. Moving forth, I never did pass this area again after I commenced work at a different site.

The cafe was rather busy for an Easter sunday and were lucky enough to be seated rather quickly. Our eyes were equally spoilt by the tempting array of baked goods on display at the front counter.

Iced chocolate - a little too watered down to my liking and reminded me of a commercially available chocolate milk I used to have as a teen.

Chai latte - lacked the required chai aroma from the spices.

Benedictine adventure - brisket, rosti, pickles, fried potatoes, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Delicious little number although would have preferred the portion to be slightly bigger considering that it costs $23.

Chase the white rabbit - chilli scrambled eggs, mushrooms, toast, goat's cheese and candied chilli. Scrambled eggs were delicious although some might find it a tad spicy. Loved how the salty cheese married well with the other milder flavoured ingredients like the mushroom.

Cakes - the cafe is known for their cakes and yes, I do agree that the cakes taste as pretty as they look. Did not manage to try every single one but for the ones we had, we thought the flavours were well balanced and sweetness levels were on point.

Do yourself a favour and have piece (or two!)

I suppose the biggest let down in my books were the beverages but aside from that, it is a decent little cafe hidden in the heart of Bayswater. Hello old memories :p

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