Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Malaysia: Hua Nam restaurant, IPOH

Albeit not raised in my hometown Ipoh, my family and I make regular visits back during the holidays. A slow paced town, Ipoh has not changed much since my childhood; streets and familiar shops are still the same, favourite hawker fares are still available despite the increase in prices due to inflation.

Both parents know Ipoh like the back of their hand and rest assured, good food will always be delivered on the table regardless of where we are.

Fish ball curry noodles, char kuey teow and chee cheong fun. My fondest memories of Ipoh includes a bowl of fish balls, fried tofu wrapped in tofu skin and a mix of rice and hokkien mee noodles in a clear broth..not to mention a simple plate of chee cheong fun which is basically thick, steamed rice noodles drenched in a sweet sauce and garnished with fried shallots and sesame seeds. Some would opt for the curry version but my winner is always the most basic one, being that it is something dad would usually order as a child (and I would pinch some off him in greed).

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