Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chinese new year peanut cookie

This is something that I am always craving for especially when CNY is around the corner. I've missed celebrating CNY at home as my classes commenced earlier this year. And soooo, this is my 3rd attempt at making peanut cookie from scratch:) First time was too buttery, second time was too coarse-.-

Here's the recipe in my new organized booklet.. decided to keep things well written up for future reference..I even wrote it with pen^^

Roasting peanuts in process~ takes a while to get the perfect golden brown colour:/

After crushing all the peanuts, you'll get ground peanuts (just like almond meal)

This is how fine everything should feel like~ quality control is essential!!

Shaping into round balls of dough:)

The traditional dot mark before applying egg wash:)

Tadaaaaaaaaa!!! I'm really pleased with the results although I did modify the recipe based on my taste preference but it really depends on individual preference (more or less sugar/salt etc)

A couple of huge oranges the boy bought from central market at aud$1

Good luck with the recipe and wishing you guys a belated/pre- CNY celebration? heheh^^

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