Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Caffe Primo Norwood

Life as a food blogger ain't always smooth sailing and most of the time, materials obtained for blog posts require a bit of financial and time input from my behalf. And henceforth, brought us to this quaint cafe situated near the cinema along the Parade. As you can probably tell, I am indeed a scrooge and will scout high and low for a decent place to dine in whenever I go out for a meal.

Caffe Primo has many branches around South Australia and having been to a couple in the past, I am assured that I will get a decent meal for the price I am paying. The gang and I picked items from the lunch special menu that day just to fill us up prior to the heading into the cinema. At just $13.90/plate with complimentary garlic bread, what's there to complain about? The garlic bread arrived at our table all warm, fluffy and yummy:)

Fish and chips ~ probably something that I would order again as the serving size would suffice for my size and it does not taste bad at all. Well-seasoned and not overfried:)

Alla panna ~ mushrooms with bacon bits in a cream sauce. Rather filling and again, it is well-seasoned:)

Salt and pepper calamari ~ I am currently obsessed with calamari lately and have to try it out whenever I am stuck for ideas on what to order. I would have liked a bit more batter surrounding the calamari pieces but I guess this is a healthier version, do you agree?:)

Overall, I was pretty contended with what I got on the table that day as it is a lot more affordable compared to other cafes that I have been and the food is value for money in terms of flavour and portion size. Am happy to drop by again for another quick fix in the future!

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