Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Aviary Dessert Kitchen

Have been to Aviary on more than a couple of visits and with every visit, it is lovely to sample new additions to the menu. I was surprised when my parents said that they would like to join us "kids" for an after dinner sweet treat so we figured might be worthwhile popping by since it is located pretty close to where the sister and brother resides.

We were comfortably seated within 6 minutes of waiting. I would make booking arrangements on weekends, especially if I am planning to drop by with a large foodie group!

Cookies and cream cake ~ delicious! Not only does it look too pretty to eat but it does have a nice balance of cookie and cream incorporated into it. Doesn't the drizzle of cream all over the cake looks inviting?

Forest gump ~ a display of various flavours and textures of chocolate on a plate. To be honest, I was not overly blown out by it's serving size, considering that it costs about $10 but I would definitely consider getting it if I have had a fulfilling dinner. The brother was able to taste the contrasting textures on the plate (a blend of smooth cream and chunks of chocolate) but again, did not satisfy any chocolate craving that he had, in his opinion, that is.

Macaron flower pot ~ this is possible one of my favourites here and it is a must have when I am feeling moody (or not!). I like the rich cake that sits as the base and the fine biscuit crumbs that cover it just goes so well with it! The macaron was a bonus, in my opinion. Highly recommended:)!

Shiratama zenzai ~ green tea and black sesame ice cream with sweetened adzuki paste, fresh fruit and glutinous rice dumplings. This is a very Asian inspired dish and gotta admit that Aviary does produce some tasty ice cream flavours. Would be nice to have this in summer!

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