Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October food haul

I can be quite a quirky shopper when I am at the supermarket or local grocer, especially when I see something new that catches my attention. And so...I have decided to come up with a monthly blog post to share with you my latest discoveries in the food industry so that you can be updated with what's new on your supermarket shelf.

I hardly spend money at the cinemas, particularly on popcorn as it is an inexpensive snack that can be easily prepared, with minimal fuss (in my opinion that is). Walking in the David Jones food hall can be dangerous as I soon found out about this popcorn brand and flavour that originates from America. Imagine all the sinful snacking pleasures combined in a humble little piece of corn kernel. Yep, it became irresistible. Caramel, chocolate and a drizzle of icing on just about every corner of the popcorn. Was very addictive and I found it hard to stop nibbling away. Note to self, probably something that I will have as a one-off affair as it has a lot of sugar in it!

So the sister and brother were in central market one day and bought me a huge turkey leg to have for lunch over the next couple of weeks. As random as it seems, this piece of meat costs about $6/kg and fed mum and me for at least 4 lunches and 3 dinners. I used the "pretty" slices for sandwiches and the shredded bits to be added to my pasta/ fried rice dinner.

Matale Chocolate ~ I was fortunate enough to get my hands on these chocolate bars all the way from Melbourne and have to admit, I liked the bean to bar concept that is relatively new here in Australia. The owner purchases small quantities of cocoa beans from the farmers (which can be a tad costly) and then proceeds to testing, sorting, roasting, cracking, winnowing, stone grinding and tempering them..talk about hardwork! On the plus side of all the tears and sweat that goes into each bar of chocolate, this concept will , hopefully, enable farmers to reap a more sustainable financial flow rather than relying on the input provided by larger companies. The chocolate bars that I got snapped with a delightful sound (always a good indicator for well-tempered chocolate). Both of these bars were not excessively sweet and had a nice aroma of chocolate. Also, they are both dairy, nut and gluten free so thumbs up for those with nut and dairy allergies:) Always nice to know that nobody gets singled out on all things chocolate!

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