Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hakata Gensuke, MELB CBD

On cooler days, I wouldn't mind tucking into a heart warming bowl of soup that enables me to briefly escape any thoughts of the freezing weather. I once asked a Melbournian friend who's been here for more than 5 years on what are his thoughts on ramen served here.

Almost immediately, he recited the name Hakata Gensuke and shortly after, I decided to join the queue at this little restaurant along Russell St. We were given a choice of ramen or the dipping sauce noodles. After informing the waitress at the entrance our choices, she gave us a small order slip to fill in as we wait for our turn.

Signature tonkotsu ~ the ramen noodles are made fresh and the thickness of each strand tallies with the one next to it. Broth was good too!

God Fire ~ I was given a 1-4 scale on how spicy I wanted the soup to be. I've picked 1 and am so thankful I did because it is quite spicy. I have a moderate tolerance towards spicy food, hopefully this is a good indication of how spicy the dish was. After a few mouthfuls, the receptors in my mouth managed to familiarize themselves with the spicy soup. No trouble downing the last bits!

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