Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mobile uploads: February drinks

February came and left in a blink of the eye. Despite being snowed under work and assignments, I am thankful that the fun events on happened towards the end of February and so, I was able to get most of my work done prior to playing!

A close friend of mine visited Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and being such an amazing friend (ha ha...), I allocated an entire day to spend with her. Here are snippets from my iphone:)

Waffee ~ waffles + coffee. Always a sucker for waffles and am slowly beginning to appreciate caffeine, this is my favourite morning stop when I need an instant pick me up. The buttery scent of freshly prepared waffles is enough to make me slow down the day's pace. Call it zen, maybe?

For dinner, we dined at Om nom dessert bar, a swanky little place tucked along Flinders Lane and probably where you want to impress your date at. Savoury food here is decent but the desserts are the standout dishes here. Lots of effort went into constructing these treats and enjoyed slowly:)

Tired face from lack of sleep in the last few days but thankful that I am still pumping with adrenaline :p #nofilter so #dontjelly hahahah

Made Ipoh kai si hor fun and decided to give it to someone. Said person was happy and so am I:)

Decided to try out a different type of Korean instant noodles. Mild flavours it was.

Leftover hor fun and so, fried hor fun was it for dinner.

Dropped by Goldilocks with a bunch of friends and was introduced to the term speakeasy bars aka hidden bars. Good concept and definitely worthy of a bar crawl haha.

Hihou ~ yet another speakeasy bar inspired by Japanese flavours. Not bad although wished I had sampled their food.

Lastly, here's a good way to end February: $2.50 for a large cup of Gong Cha bubble tea. Choose from chocolate, taro or coconut. Each comes with toppings and such an amazing bargain. I need more of these now.

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