Friday, June 10, 2016

Japan: Nikko

Located up north from Tokyo, Nikko is one of the few towns that I was very iffy about visiting and only agreed to visit because I was not keen on the idea of my sister wandering off by herself.

Whilst I daresay its not one of the most happening towns in Japan, it was definitely a walk to remember in the pouring rain. After hopping around a few JR trains, we managed to bring ourselves here.

I found Nikko to be rather picturesque - misty hills overlooking the little town, serene walks surrounded by nature's music, water droplets prancing on the tree branches and water gushing down the stream.

Toshogu shrine - A mausoleum of one of Japan's most celebrated shogun,Tokugawa Ieyasu, that embodies both Shinto and Buddhist elements in the construction of the shrine. Unfortunately, time and weather was against us so we skipped entering the shrine.

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