Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Alas, the seasonal period commences and Melbourne CBD has begun to see an influx of both tourists and locals flocking the streets despite Victoria's temperamental climate changes. Oh and not to mention the many sales thrown in, much to consumer's delight.

This year, I have resolved to upgrade my 10 year old laptop and am looking at newer 2 in 1 laptops that enables me to work on the go. Not that I do this often but who knows what is in place for me next year.

The sister and I watched a rather tempting video on grilled meats a few days ago and despite her being the more carnivorous one between us, I insisted on going somewhere to get our fix. Bookings are necessary here to avoid disappointment, especially on weekends.

One of the better Korean BBQ places as staff members are available to cook the meat for you (no more burning expensive meat) and the entire restaurant has good ventilation. Yes, I have been to a few places that unfortunately, have left an after-aroma on my clothing.

We have ordered the Angus set, composed of premier Angus cube rolls, premium Angus rib fillet, king gal-bi and a mixed veggie and mushroom platter - valued at $105, which can easily feed 2 people comfortably.

Seafood jeon - I liked how this was fluffy in texture and not dripping in oil. Cut into bite sized pieces and made with a fresh marinara mix.

We have also ordered a plate of marinated pork neck to share, assuming that we wouldn't be filled (but we were). Staff members took effort into ensuring that the hot plates used to cook the meat is regularly changed for different types of meat and once cooked, a different plate or bowl is used to serve the meat in.

Both of us agreed on the gal-bi being our favourite. The meat was a lot more tender, probably because it is a cut closer to the bones, and marinated to perfection. Both Angus cuts melted away with every bite and the pork neck was charred to perfection.

Overall, a faultless BBQ experience, priced reasonably,  and one that I would recommend to any skeptical BBQ goer or for first timers.

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