Saturday, October 30, 2010

Across Southeast Asia and more

Chuy'sThai Restaurant, North Adelaide

Probably one of the most convenient, customer friendly and affordable thai outlets in Adelaide. Really chatty chef. I would personally recommend going a bit later/non peak hours if you want to make certain food requests:)

Coconut juice~~can't get enough of this:)

He's obviously too busy drinking:p~

Prawn tomyam~~needs major improvements:/

Pad See Eal~~really taste version of Malaysia's fried char kuey teow..highly recommended:))

Kao Pad Prik~flavourful and generous portions:))

Garlic chicken~~superb tasting of the chef's speciality:)

Thanh & Thanh's Vietnamese food, Chinatown

Cold rolls~~fairly good for city standard

I heart my galaxy for this

Beef soup and fish sauce accompanying my combination broken rice~

Combination broken rice~~yummy + authentic:)

Durian smoothie~~conveniently located in the city so no need to travel to satisfy me craving~


Kimchi fried rice again~~

With egg and some fried korean snack~~bon appetit!!^^~~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back to uni week 1: return of the sleeping zombie

Did some studying, had fun catching up with friends and mostly snoozing in lecture:) Went to Ying Chow after listening to the uni's security escort's enthusiastic dining experience~

Ying Chow, Gouger Street~

Their tea duck was not bad (juicy and succulent) although a little tough at the sides on some pieces~

Fried rice's okok ba~

Red pepper chicken's yummy..non-spicy option:)

Korean Bbq buffet, Gouger Street~

The famous all you can eat buffet/cook whatever you like at $27.80/head.

Mostly a variety of meat and seafood dishes to cook with some appetizers (taugeh, finger food etc) and fruits for dessert~

Yeap, it does take some time to cook the meat to perfection@.@~

So they chat~

As dessert didn't fulfill my craving, we headed to gelatissimo for a quick takeaway~

What's your flavour?;P

Chocolate cookies anyone?:D

Le box~

Chocolate + berry:)

Biscottino (my fav!^^), green tea and vanilla~

The chocolate's quite intense flavoured but tastes fine when mixed with berries:)

Regent That, North Adelaide~

Headed to one of north adelaide's best thai restaurants the following day~

Lamb rack kurma~tender meat, good use of herbs in gravy(8.5/10)

Regent Thai fried rice~one of THE best thai fried rice I've ever ever had in Adelaide. Highly recommended for first timers (10/10~~obviously:p)

Remember the mishap I was harping on a few months back? Well, a 3 angel told me I could upgrade to a galaxy S for $29 + $15 upfront. Early cancellation fees for the dreaded SE595 waived off! Yeap, I couldn't believe it either:S

*drum rolls*

My failed promo advertisementsX.x

Played around with the camera settings coz I'm too lazy to download games etcxD

Eureka? Lolx)

The nostalgic setting..more of darkening effectO_O

Oops failed~

My lunch at Penang Hawker~

This dish's quite similar to KL's version~i have no idea how to spell the canto name so better save myself the embarrassment:p~

Char Kuey Teow~do not eat if you have high expectations and health problems:X~

That's about all for last week..having practical session, clinical session, upcoming test and assigment all this month...wish me luck:((

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Last few holiday days

Here's how I spent the last few days of my jolly midterm holz:)

Day 1:

Breakfast with Michelle!!:))

Kranskies sizzling~

Bread toasting~

Bacon's looking good:)

Doesnt this look like the korean version of pork for grilling?O_O

Mushrooms chinese style:)

Egg thinks mr.benedict will be ashamed of it:(

So we turned to our malaysian way of egg-ing~

The final outcome~~coffee or tea?:D

The boy's morning look~~airbomb attackXD~~hehe

The evening view from my chateau room~~la masterpiece:))

The camwhore at work~~

Meet my buy-perfume-free-versace bag:)

Added with a pink silk scarf~~


Meet Mr.Happy:DD

Nitez all~~

Day 2:

Skipped lunch and ended up in a Chinese buffet restaurant (near Tea Tree Plaza)

The boy happily eating away~~

I jumped straight to dessert (cheesecake, moist choco cake, strawberry and apricot crumble and choco tartlet)~not bad liao!!!:D

My actual dinner~~the tofu's excellent:)

Steamboat included in the package~

Ahahah..the silent sashimi section..surprisingly fresh:)


Think me gained like 3kg that need to exerciseD:

Day 3:

Carwash after grocery shopping~

Colourful soap:)

Rainbow in my heart~~

Ermm..meal between lunch and dinner but simply version~

Kingfish curry for dinner:)

Subak/watermelon for dessert~~still got heaps more to go:x

Pssst~~rundle mall kookai sale tomorrow (tues 5/10/2010) 50% off on selected items;P Guess this'll motivate me to go uni tomorrow~w~"