Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Saint Dreux, CBD MELB

Quickest stop before I meet up with a friend. Tempted to try out their perfectly symmetrical cakes and meat sandwiches but sadly, time did not permit me to do so.

Nevertheless, I look forward to another stop here perhaps when I am in the CBD region again. On the flip side, matcha latte was one of the better ones I have had thus far albeit costing slightly more compared to other outlets.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

White Mojo Speciality Coffee & Roaster CBD, MELB

Am a huge fan of White Mojo in Glen Waverley and naturally, was the place I wanted to bring a good friend to during her visit here. Being a weekday, it was easier to go to any brunch cafe without having to queue for long.

Menu wise, it is almost similar to the outlet in Glen Waverley which made it all the more easier to narrow down my meal option.

Chai latte - a good brew it was.

Basically smashed avocado mixed with peas atop bread and drizzled with pumpkin seeds and feta cheese. Not entirely convinced that this dish was worth $20 but ordered it anyway as said friend wanted to try it out. Overall, it was delicious but not some I would order again as I may possibly reproduce it at a fraction of the price.

Mushroom risotto - a favourite of mine and one that I thought went down well that day, albeit the unnecessary dollop of cream. Well seasoned and worth a second visit for.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Charlotte's corner, Blackburn MELB

Having a gym buddy has the advantage of having additional motivation during workouts and post-workouts as well. Since the potato pal arrived in Melbourne, my sessions have been a whole lot funnier and I have discovered the pleasure of using the sauna/steamer room to unwind after my intensive sessions.

Equally excellent to have a food buddy for exploring random cafes/ restaurants when gym is over and it's time to tuck into something delicious. This week's adventure brought us to Blackburn, a suburb that I have been meaning to poke my head into but never got around to it.

Small cafe serving simple, unpretentious food manned by friendly and attentive staff members. Wouldn't mind bringing a good book here and plonking down to have a read on a wet Melbourne day.

Sweetcorn fritter stack with bacon, spicy tomato relish, avocado, green leaves and poached egg. The potato pal fondly recalled having this when he first visited Melbourne many many years ago. Am personally not a huge fan of corn but did sneak a few bites of it. Well prepared although I do suspect that the relish may be store bought.

Chilli scrambled eggs with feta cheese, bacon and fried shallot - I am on a mission to sample egg dishes whenever I visit a cafe and yes, this would be one dish that I would happily recommend. Eggs were creamy, smooth and well seasoned. Paired well with the feta bits and bacon stripes.

I do feel that the multigrain toast was factory made and may have complemented the eggs better had it been sourced from a bakery instead. Nevertheless, I am not complaining as the entire dish was $16, an uncommon fee amongst Melbourne's many brunch cafes.

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Indian Delights, Forest Hill MELB

Impromptu is the name of the game of late and one that my sister would happily oblige to. However, took a bit of compromising to mutually agree on a place, especially when both of us are feeling peckish post-gym class.

A colleague of mine recommended this restaurant to me and funnily enough, recommended their fried noodle dishes as opposed to curries or roti, which is what the restaurant is renown for.

Self-service is the concept for this restaurant and after ordering and paying, we patiently awaited our meal.

Kway teow goreng - albeit being different from the ones prepared at Chinese restaurants, I found this very appetising and prepared with a lot of "wok hei" aka heat from the wok, a term cleverly coined to describe a good plate of fried noodles.

Teh tarik - the warm weather is not going to stop me from drinking something warm.

Lamb murtabak - loaded with a generous amount of lamb pieces and served with a side of rich curry gravy, I happily consumed this dish with much gusto. Would have liked the roti to be a tad thicker to sponge up all the extra gravy but aside from that, this dish fed me well.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Servery and Spoon, Malvern East MELB

There's an interesting story behind this. After an intensive morning combat session, the potatoe and I used the gym's steamer to better cleanse our stinky bodies. An experience it was being a first timer as I recall fumbling into the steamy room and staring intently at the lad sitting in the corner in his bonds shorts before I shyly closed the door, determined to wait for potatoe to guide me through the steamer's etiquette.

Fast forward, we showered post-steaming and drove down the road to a quaint little cafe, peacefully located along Waverley road.

Moroccan slow cooked lamb salad - pulled lamb, quinoa, chickpeas, kale, pickled red onion, minted labneh, beetroot hummus and chilli dressing. Such a yummy salad and one that is generously packed with an assortment of ingredients.

Black bean shakshuka - absolutely delicious and as per the other dish, generously packed with ingredients. I love the flavour combination coming from the savoury beans cooked in tomato sauce, spicy chorizo and richness from the egg yolks. Slices of bread were toasted prior to getting a good dose of butter slapped on it. Damn, was that a good way to end the week.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Miss Korea Kitchen, Camberwell MELB

As the weather becomes colder during the night, I am slowly craving for hearty meals that may or may not agree with my current physical fitness goals. Whilst I try to emphasise more on fibre in my diet, I am still undoubtedly reaching out for the less healthy options.

WL and I visited Miss Korea Kitchen last night and my mind instantly reminded me to have at least one plate of fibre to which, WL funnily hesitated but obliged nonetheless. We had no trouble finding parking in Camberwell and as it was past 6pm, parking tickets are not required.

Miss Korea Kitchen has two outlets, one in Camberwell and the other in Nunawading. The Camberwell branch housed more ala carte dishes whilst the Nunawading branch was for buffet goers. I would certainly choose the latter option if I have to organize a catch up outing with friends as buffets usually offer something for everyone be it vegetarians or the voracious individual like myself.

The Camberwell outlet can comfortably house around 40 diners although I would highly recommend making bookings to avoid disappointment. As the outlet is not enormous, staff members' are quick to respond whenever diners call out to them.

Menu wise, there is certainly a lot to choose from and we had to kindly ask the waiting staff for recommendations as every item on the menu sounded very tempting.

Calamari salad - deep fried calamari with lemon chilli dressing. As I have not had a proper lunch prior to dinner, I craved for freshly prepared veggies and yes, the chef did deliver. Well dressed salad tinged with some acidity to kick start my palate. Bonus points for calamari that is deep fried to perfection.

Korean fried chicken - fried chicken is now a must have at any Korean restaurant and once again, kudos to having perfected cooked chicken that is not dripping in grease nor cooked in recycled oil.
I liked the soy garlic sauce version although I wouldn't mind the sweet and spicy version if I need to spice up my palate.

Served with a small side of salad and pickles, these accompaniments were perfect for toning down the dish's overall grease level.

Ox tongue - pan seared ox tongue with garlic, onion and Korean sesame oil. One of my favourite dishes for the night and one that I wished I had a bowl of rice to soak up all the lovely juices sitting at the base of the pan. Had the right ratio of meat to veggies, each ingredient separately prepared before being tossed together.

Chef's recommendation K Barbeque - this menu comprised of wagyu scotch fillet, wagyu chuck flap tail and wagyu cap slices, served with kimchi fried rice and vegetable ssam. I am horrible at barbecuing meat and hence, am extremely thankful that staff members did the cooking for us. Cooked over a hot plate and flamed torched, each piece of meat was well prepared and if you're in doubt whether the meat would be dry, fret not as wagyu meat has fat marbled around it, giving it that added bit of moisture.

The other half of our meat selection was flambeed for that added aroma of alcohol. Oh and did I mention that the broccoli, mushroom and onion pieces had nicely soaked up all the beef's juices as it was cooked on the same pan? Best way to soak up all the fluid. Traditionally, a piece of meat would be dotted with either chilli, soy or salt before being wrapped with lettuce prior to consumption.

Kimchi fried rice that's been left to warm up on the still hot plate. Love how this created a crisp texture at the bottom of it:)

Overall a very enjoyable meal that left us full to the brim and sadly, I did not have any space for dessert but I do endeavour to pop by again to try their soup dishes and bulgogi. P.s, our waiting staff recommended the soft tofu soup which wouldn't be a bad idea for those cold winter days.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Oakleigh Doughnut Co, Oakleigh MELB

Round 2 of my donut run for the week and quite possibly one of the last places I have tried in Melbourne. Having followed their Instagram page, I felt the need to strike whilst the iron is still hot aka before I lose interest.

Priced at $4.50 per piece, I would recommend patrons to pop in at least 3 hours before they close to avoid disappointment as some flavours may run out by end of the day.

Oreo cream, snickers, galakdough, nutella snow and raspberry jam. True to its claim of being artisan donuts, I love how bread like the dough is and how generously stuffed each donut was.

Peanut butter, strawberry cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, sour cherry and bakladough - not disappointed with this bunch at all. Whilst one donut would be more than enough to push my daily calorie intake to its limit, I felt had no regrets whatsoever and would happily drop by again in the future to try out their other flavours :)

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