Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nano for breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals to start the day but sadly, something I rarely do as I prefer to wake up a few minutes prior to classes and zoom off to uni to print notes/ tutes etc.

But a breakfast treat is good once in a while:D So here I am at Nano's (somewhere in Rundle Street), nom-noming away to a hearty brekkie:)

Freshly squeezed orange juice!:D

The lot for breakfast~ scrambled eggs, oven roasted tomatoes, sausages, bacon slices, toasted bread slices served alongside spinach and mushrooms:)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Van's vietnamese restaurant

This is probably one of those hidden food treasures in Adelaide, unknown to most until someone spreads good reviews about them:) It was difficult trying to locate this place by from what I was told, it is located on 16 alicia street (not 100% sure but make sure you bring a google maps device with you). It's open from 9am up till 7pm:)

Three colour bean sweet~ nice!:D

Logan drink~ longan for us malaysians

Bun bo hoe~ spicy noodles which reminds me of assam laksa :p

Dry noodles with crispy roast chicken~ very nice!:D Chicken well roasted and noodles weren't too dry:)

Pho tai vien~ pho without the extra organs. I have a very weak stomach so sue me:X Very generous portion and certainly more than I can takeX.x

Combination broken rice~ well roasted pork served with generous side dishes:)

Worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood and you're not in a mood for Pho Minh hehe:D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday surprise: Part 3

So part 2 is dedicated to my cashy generous sister who works so hard just to support her siblings hehe. She decided to bring me out for high tea at Stamford Hotel Glenelg on a very windy day just to chat over a cuppa tea:D

Grand interior decor~

Our view~ protected us from getting sand in our eyes:D

Tea or coffee:D

$36 per person~ thankfully I am not the one paying lol:p


Wagyu beef burger, pate and deep fried prawns in mayo~

I like how my photos always turn out better with good lightings:D

Savoury scones anyone?:D

Macarons~ disappointing as they weren't moist on the inside but rather, tasted like stale biscuits-.- But who am I to complain when everything's freeeeeee :DD

We then hopped over to my brother's place to chillax until dinner time at Sah Mediterranean Restaurant, up in North Adelaide. The staff were very friendly and accommodation:)

Tapas. A Spanish selection of different entrees.

Smoked duck with berry sauce~ I like the smoked flavour heaps:D

Prawns tossed in garlic and chilli oil~

Couscous with herb encrusted chicken~

Tempura prawns and spring onions~

Coq Au Vin~
Crab risotto with soft shell crab~ Its very flavourful but unfortunately for me, if I had known that it's a Spanish restaurant, I would have ordered paella-.-

Overall, Imma happy birthday girl:D So blessed to have foodie family members who are willing to try different things:DD

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy 21+ to me!! part 2

Since today had been a really special day for me, I shall spoil you guys with a part 2 sequel!:) This time, I have opted to edit my pictures using my Samsung Galaxy 1. I have downloaded MeiTuXiuXiu (think it's also available on iphone) and Little Photo. Both of these apps are free and are easy to use:)

Birthday pressie from the boy~ received it some time ago but didn't want to spoil the surprise for you guys;D Its a Karen Millen clutch. Lovely splash of colour and it's big enough to stuff most of my random items. Certainly a good item to chic up a simple outfit^^

Picture edited using MTXX with lomo lens and bokeh effects.

My birthday lunch picture collage~ edited using MTXX (combine pics and choose an appropriate frame).

Birthday pressies from pharmily~ picture edited using Little Photo using lomo lens but with different lightings:)
Vain picture of yours truly~ edited using Little Photo with vintage effects

Stay tuned to part 3 coming up soon^^

Happy 21+ to me!! part 1

Once a year, a bunch of my good friends would gather just to watch me age. And so often, we would dine at a simple outlet whilst poking fun at each other despite knowing that we have other obligations.

This post is especially dedicated to my bunch of university besties whom would always try their best to surprise and treat me like a princess (for a day lol) :D Thank you for accepting my imperfections and I pray that God will always guide you guys through life's journey :))

Lunch at Zen Vietnamese Kitchen~ pho for the nomnom monster among us.

Some spicy soup noodle dish~ for the cat boy with 9 lives.

House speciality~ for the girl who dares to be different.

Grilled lemongrass chicken fillets with broken rice~ for the girl who executes the same routine each day without fail;)

My pressies from the pharmily~ Time for me to invest in a decent spring/summer top and perhaps a straw hat?;)

Cupcakes galore!!:D

My attempt to capture every moment;D

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.
- Donna Roberts