Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick and easy meal 2

Yee mee is an easy type of noodles to prepare as not many ingredients are required to make a decent meal.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes (need some time to boil so best is to do your homework etc while waiting)
Difficulty level: 1.5/5

Ingredients: Chinese mushrooms, marinated chicken and cabbage (preferrable chinese cabbage)

Fry garlic until fragrant and add mushroom slices with a dash of oyster sauce. Allow mushrooms to cook before adding in the marinated chicken.

The yee mee noodles~


Add chopped cabbage with 3 cups of water and allow to boil. Add some salt.

When the cabbage is almost cooked, throw in the noodles and cover the pot/wok. Add more water if its too dry. Add some dark soy sauce to the mixture and stir. Allow to simmer until noodles soften. Stir occasionally.

When noodles are well cooked, add 2 eggs and stir quickly to allow good distribution.

Bon appetit!^^

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stripes and hearts

Finally a day off to update my blog with some new posts:D Despite the upcoming test (which I am sooo not prepared..sad!=<), I still need some ME time to accomplish my nonsense activitiesxD As today is quite cold for summer, yet the sun is still glimmering through my window, I think this is an excellent opportunity to try on my new knitted jumper and stockings!

I desperately need a tripod for taking self portraits...time to save up!

The jumper's extremely comfortable and it's a very versatile piece. Imagine pairing it with a blazer or wearing it over a maxi dress..good coverage for autumn, winter and early spring. Its definitely a worthwhile investment!

The in-trend stockings of 2010 which I didnt get the chance to wear until today.

Outfit of the day: Zara knitted jumper, Voir shorts, Miss Selfridge stockings, Forever 21 sequin ballet shoes, Diva necklace.

I always find it rewarding to make gifts for people regardless of the occasion. I believe that everybody needs to add a "personal touch" in each present. This symbolizes unique-ness as well as sincerity. In short, a gift must come from the heart and not just a last-minute thought.

Linzer cookies made for a friend's birthday but unfortunately, I couldn't find the appropriate cookie shape for the middle so I had to alter the finishing touches~

I'm super glad that I finally bought a cookie shaper:)

You can add frosting on the cookie or even some finely chopped cherries:)

I've decided to paint some chocolate onto the cookies (she looves chocolate) and dusted some icing sugar:)

My next baking attempt would be more daring but closer to home and I'm all hyped about it^^

Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick and easy meal 1

The title says it all:) Having to cook my own meals for almost a month despite my study schedule, I'm beginning to appreciate all the easy meal recipes taught by my dad. With study and social obligations to attend to, I still need to have my usual balanced meals (stay healthy ma).

Mushroom and chicken gravy noodles (no specific name so bear with me:P)

Preparation time: 10 minutes (marinate chicken day before)
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Difficulty level: 1/5

The quantities for this recipe is modifiable so I didnt bother to measurexD

Fry finely chopped garlic with oil until lightly brown~

Add sliced Chinese mushrooms and a tbsp of oyster sauce. Fry for 5 minutes~

Add marinated chicken (marinated with soy sauce, pepper and sugar the day before) and fry until chicken is well cooked~

Add about 3 bowls of water and let it simmer until it boils. Add about 3 more tbsp of oyster sauce and still until its consistent. When it's boiled, add cornstarch and allow to simmer for additional 2 minutes~

While the gravy boils, prepare your noodles and vegetables (bok choy, broccoli etc)

Tadaaaa!!! How easy was that?:) The best part is that you can prepare more gravy and cook it whenever you're busy with studies.

On a side note, instant noodles are quick and easy too but not really nutritious=x

Cleaned crabs~


Grilled..easy and quick as wellxD

The following are some pictures of the blueberry cheesecake I made on sunday:)

I wanna get more different shaped baking moulds hehe~

Take 2~

2 layer cheesecake~top layer is pure lemon flavour while the bottom is blueberry:)

The sold beagle:(

Hopefully I am able to bake more stuff the coming week as well as have more photoshoot sessions. Dislike tests *sigh*

Saturday, February 12, 2011

baking or painting?

Second week of uni down! Another 6 more weeks to go. I've no painted/ drawn anything since my SAM years. My hand's itching for some artistic and baking goodness! As valentine's day is around the corner, I've decided to get creative with baking by using a bit of food colouring and hopefully, brighten up my cakes, just like a portrait!:)

Cheesecake makin in the process~~digestive biscuits, sugar, cream cheese, sour cream and hand squeezed lemon juice mixed with lemon zest (burns!!)

Mini cupcake holders. I've used green and pink colours to suite vday:)

Biscuit crumbs~

The base!

Mixing in progress~

Oops..its supposed to be 12 pieces but I ate one out of curiousityxD


Chocolate hearts drawn by slightly solidifying the melted chocolate and carving shapes out of it. Took me an excruciating 20 minutes but I'm happy with the outcome!:D

My chocolate colour palette~

Vanilla buttercream frosting colour palette~

Happy valentine's day! :)

Love can be either sweet, bitter or sour; only you can choose;)

A cupcake version served with grapes~

Ground cinnamon added to biscuit base~

Biscuit base for blueberry cheesecake~

La ingredients~

Egg whites before~

Almost there~


Blueberry galore~

My cheesecake colour palette. Squeezed the blueberries to get a pink-ish colour:)

Pink-ish hew sky colour~

Looks like a beach scenery;)

The hungry boy working out in the kitchen lol~

Blueberry cheesecake! Enjoy;)