Saturday, December 30, 2017

Old Kingdom, Fitzroy MELB

It has been such a long time since I last laid my eyes on a delectable piece of Peking duck and seeing that it is the holiday season after all, I did not want to miss the opportunity to stuff myself silly.

Having heard peeps rave about this restaurant, we ducked (haha geddit?) here after I clocked off for the day. The restaurant has very narrow walkways considering that they must have tried to squeeze as many tables possible into the vicinity. Service is efficient despite the minimal space between tables and diners.

We had the 3 course duck meal which came to around $60 for a whole duck.

First course has to be the duck; thinly sliced pieces of meat with a glistening, crisp skin, best consumed wrapped in paperthin layers of pastry, with a few pieces of cucumber and spring onion, drizzled in a sweet-tangy sauce. Skin was delicious and as much as I loved how tender the meat was, I think this dish would have fared better if there is less meat attached to the skin, enabling the perfectly cooked skin to bask in the spotlight.

P.s: I think the restaurant is a little stingy when it comes the spring onion and cucumber pieces. Do practice moderation where possible.

Duck with noodles - I love how the crispy noodles gave the dish a pleasant crunch factor and again, this dish is well prepared using whatever meat the chef could scrap from the duck after it was served in the first course.

Lastly, we were served a bowl of duck soup which has tofu and a few bits of veggies included. A subtle way to end the meal.

Now, is it as good as it's second branch in Surry Hills? Yes and no. Whilst the duck is better prepared here, the other branch fared better in terms of portion sizing, available dish varieties and seating. All in, it is entirely up to you to decide;)

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Laksa Town, Glen Waverley MELB

Having tried most Malaysian restaurants in the eastern suburbs, there are a handful that I won't mind revisiting for its convenient location and affordable fares. Laksa Town would be one of them. Seating wise, there is ample of space and the overall ambience is not as distracting compared to other restaurants.

The menu is quite concise and revolves around a variety of laksa dishes and flat egg noodles in addition to must have favourites such as nasi lemak and bak kut teh. Diners are entitled to a free drink with every main order. This runs from Monday to Thursday nights and is limited to about four types of beverages.

Soy bean - the sister and I reckons it has a bit of ginger added to it which does soothe the tummy on days where it's not at it's best. Only downside was that we found it diluted on our second visit :/

BBQ chicken and mee pok - a rather satisfying number, loaded with sufficient protein and seasoned accordingly. Chicken skin was crisp and meat was tender.

Curry laksa - broth was good and would do better if it was a little bit more spicy but that's just in my humble opinion because I do like my laksas with a bit of fire in it. Again, sufficient incorporation of accompanying ingredients, satisfying my hungry tummy once more.

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Kimchi fried rice recipe

The first Korean dish I have learnt to prepare (aside from instant noodles) and one that uses any leftovers in the fridge too.

Leftover fried rice
Kimchi, cut into bite sized pieces
Spam/ any leftover meat, cut into bite sized pieces
1 onion, diced
Enoki mushroom (I had some leftovers in the fridge)
Spring onions for decor

1. Saute kimchi with onion over medium heat for about 4 minutes before tossing in the meat and mushroom. Continue to saute for another 2 minutes or until mushrooms and meat appears to be cooked.
2. Add rice and stir well, ensuring that the rice has an even distribution of the other ingredients.
3. Prepare sunny side eggs and serve.

Ribs and Burgers, Hawthorn MELB

Despite stating that I hardly have burgers as a meal, this year saw me consuming them at an almost monthly basis. Partly due to the rise of burger joints around neighbouring areas, each boasting of its "signature" options and also due to the fact that burgers can be a favourable option when dining with friends.

Ordering is a must before being seated here and menu wise, I would describe it as traditional burgers with extra; nothing flamboyant or pretentious.

Bacon and cheese - a classic burger done right, utilizing fresh ingredients. Only downside was the bun was a little soggy which eventually got worse as the meal progresses because it broke down further.

Crispy onion rings - errrr what is this? We must have been pretty unlucky that day because we ended up with the leftover, broken bits of onion which were soaked in oil. Not sure if this is normal or not but it was unpleasant to finish.

Vanilla thickshakes - made up for the disappointing onion "rings".

Pork St. Louis - I am not a big fan of eating off the bone despite being told numerous times that the meat here is the tastiest. But, I have grown to appreciate this effort-requiring feat, especially if it's one worthy of the energy invested into it. Not a lot of meat on the ribs but what I had was well glazed in sauce and has a nice charred taste to it.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Left-Handed Chef, South Melbourne MELB

The sister and I headed to South Melbourne market last weekend to grab a few items that we deem necessary in the lead up for our Christmas celebration at home. Nothing extravagant lined up for this year aside from a few blocks of cheese and wine on day 1 and a hearty feast loaded with meat on boxing day.

This year has truly flew by almost too quickly and needless to say, I am pretty happy with what I have achieved this year; being more involved in physical activities, venturing into newer opportunities and picking up new hobbies. Also not forgetting new faces I have met this year and the presence of old friends.

Moving forth, I have finally summed enough courage to drive around the city area and rewarded myself with a good brunch with the sister post-marketing. The shop isn't big but there's a sense of calmness upon entry and from my observations, it appears that most of the patrons are regulars.

Coffee - I needed a wake-me-up in the form of caffeine else I would have opted for chai latte. Coffee did not let me down at all, literally.

Eggs benedict - the sister dived straight into her favourite brunch option. Both of us loved the freshness and texture of the English muffin used to cushion the weight of the pulled pork and poached egg. It was without a doubt one of the better ones we have tasted and was a stand out even by itself. Pulled pork was very flavourful, tender and satisfying.

The piggy - I am a sucker for waffles and this one was filled with cheesy goodness and topped with a really tasty piece of thick cut bacon, chill scrambled eggs and avocado and goat's curd. Another delicious combination that I wouldn't mind having seconds of.

The saltiness from the bacon and goat's curd was balanced out by the subtle flavours from the eggs and avocado. Waffle gave the overall dish a pleasant crunch factor and indirectly, a bit of assistance for scooping up the soft eggs and avocado mix.

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Glenny Kebabs, Glen Waverley MELB

Working till late often limits one's food option because not only is eating late unhealthy but it would be highly unlikely for anyone to be in the mood for appearing/sounding presentable. Having said so, I would compromise healthy eating when I feel the need to reward myself. Meh to rocking up anywhere presentable.

Located just next to the Caltrex station on Springvale road, the entire kebab concept heavily reminded me of my student days, pigging out late post-studying. The brother and I were pretty clear on what we wanted but stumbled when asked if we would like to top our meal with cheese at no extra cost. Yes please.

As for the sauces, we opted for the favourite chilli, garlic, tomato and barbeque combination.

The verdict? I liked how the meat was thinly shaved, making it easy to chew, and fries were crisp as opposed to soggy. This is definitely the ultimate late night cheat meal in my books and one that although my poor metabolism is unable to cope often, it would be something I don't mind having as a treat after a crappy day. Or post partying, if I ever do that ;)

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Alas, the seasonal period commences and Melbourne CBD has begun to see an influx of both tourists and locals flocking the streets despite Victoria's temperamental climate changes. Oh and not to mention the many sales thrown in, much to consumer's delight.

This year, I have resolved to upgrade my 10 year old laptop and am looking at newer 2 in 1 laptops that enables me to work on the go. Not that I do this often but who knows what is in place for me next year.

The sister and I watched a rather tempting video on grilled meats a few days ago and despite her being the more carnivorous one between us, I insisted on going somewhere to get our fix. Bookings are necessary here to avoid disappointment, especially on weekends.

One of the better Korean BBQ places as staff members are available to cook the meat for you (no more burning expensive meat) and the entire restaurant has good ventilation. Yes, I have been to a few places that unfortunately, have left an after-aroma on my clothing.

We have ordered the Angus set, composed of premier Angus cube rolls, premium Angus rib fillet, king gal-bi and a mixed veggie and mushroom platter - valued at $105, which can easily feed 2 people comfortably.

Seafood jeon - I liked how this was fluffy in texture and not dripping in oil. Cut into bite sized pieces and made with a fresh marinara mix.

We have also ordered a plate of marinated pork neck to share, assuming that we wouldn't be filled (but we were). Staff members took effort into ensuring that the hot plates used to cook the meat is regularly changed for different types of meat and once cooked, a different plate or bowl is used to serve the meat in.

Both of us agreed on the gal-bi being our favourite. The meat was a lot more tender, probably because it is a cut closer to the bones, and marinated to perfection. Both Angus cuts melted away with every bite and the pork neck was charred to perfection.

Overall, a faultless BBQ experience, priced reasonably,  and one that I would recommend to any skeptical BBQ goer or for first timers.

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