Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kimchi stew, salt and pepper squid and honey chicken

Finally got down to making kimchi stew to satisfy my korean craving. Strange how watching korean people eat makes me sooo hungry lol. Am stuffing myself before heading up to Jamestown. Hopefully I won't get lost in the train.

Squid tentacles~ kinda hard getting all of it dried up and marinated=/

My pot of gold (for the week lol)

Salt and pepper squid~ Sounds better than it tastes.. I added too much salt and didn't really mix it well so the are some tentacles which are overly salty. Kinda hard to fry them because they keep popping oil all over the place=/

Frying in process~

honey chicken~

Kimchi stew~ Basically just fry some onion slices until slightly cooked, add pork and then add kimchi. Incorporate some water and leave to boil for about 10 minutes. Add some korean chilli paste and stir well. Add 2 smashed garlic pieces. Serve hot nom nom.

Bon appetit!!

Will be updating once I get back from Jamestown. Watch this space:D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Marinara pasta and soup!!

More cooking done at home but sadly, not much pictures taken due to time constraints:( On this week's food menu is yummy soup with slices of lotus roots and chinese cabbage:D Very simple to prepare and certainly healthy. Ideal for those cold, gloomy days;)

I think most people would have a favourite homemade soup recipe so I'm not going to include any here but do contact me if interested. My dad used to add dried squid into the soup for sweetness but this is completely up to your preference;)

Now for the more challenging cooking of the week: Seafood pasta!!:D The boy made it so I just stood around clicking away;)

Fresh mussels~

For some strange reason, my potato and onion grew 'children' recently. Not sure if it's a good thing or notO.o

Attempting to do a classic hand pose but sadly, failed:(

Seafood pasta done!:)

Trip to Jamestown in just 2 more days and I have hardly packed much! Need to figure out the train timetable and also need to recharge my camera just in case..need to buy a few items tomorrow as well. Hopefully nothing bad happens up there. Definitely will upload heaps of pictures of our food (inclusive of recipes and maybe a mini "winter fashion" as it sounds very cold up there).

p.s: hopefully I'll remember some pharmacy related info whilst I'm head's been quite empty since the start of the year-.-

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food and friends

A much belated post about my last cookout session with my uni mates few weeks ago:)Wasn't much of a surprise party as some of us would have liked it to be but overall, the food, atmosphere and company was fantastic^^

Sarawak laksa made by the boy~ although 100% identical to Sarawak's version, it wasn't too spicy. Kinda reminded me of west malaysia's version abit hehe. Shall drop by sarawak one day to makan makan hehe:p

Blueberry cheesecake with cadbury chocolate ice cream made by miss A~ yummy cheesecake, not too heavy and not too sweet. Went really well with the ice cream:)

Quiche made by miss E~ very delicious for a first timer. Right amounts of cheesi-ness and bacon/ham pieces. Might attempt this one day after my placement:p

Passionfruit and lychee jelly~ Passionfruit taste was milder compared to the lychee's taste. Might want to try making rose jelly next time (after I find the right rose extract lol). The layers were surprisingly easy to make though:)

Onde onde~ the recipe I've used wasn't the best (dough was tough and molding was lousy because some of it broke when i boiled it). Will upload a better recipe after I improvise on it:)

Looking at all this pics are making me hungry and the scent of rosemary waffling in the kitchen doesn't help one bit:( Am planning on remaking a pandan chiffon cake (masterchef style lol) and may try out some of their other dessert recipes. Will also work on the onde onde so wish me luck!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chuy's Thai Restaurant

We headed up north adelaide for a late dinner last night as we were craving for some thai food:) Haven't had thai food for some time so this is definitely a good change^^ Chuy's restaurant opens until quite late and the chef/ boss is quite a friendly person:)

Garlic chicken~ My favourite. Lots of crunch and garlic-y taste to it:)

Kao pad prik~ lots of authentic thai spices used:)

Thai tom yum~ not too bad although I prefer the one from Amarin Thai.

Pad Kee Moa (drunken noodle)~ one of my favourites from Chuy. Has a smooth yet slightly alcohol taste to it. Not overpowering though:)

Mixed vegetables~ a healthy start before the mains:D

Pad See Eal~ Thailand's version of char kuey teow but more dry:S

I may not be able to update as much in the coming weeks due to heaps of foreseen work to complete. Wish me all the best. Once everything's nicely settled out, I promise there would be heaps of exciting new posts to read:) Wish me luck, guys!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Eggless june menu

Apologies for being MIA for sooo long:( My weekends were packed full of activities and I'm so exhausted now. The thought of having to go to work on the following day gives me goosebumps lol.

Green tea and chocolate tiramisu~ eggless makes one of the best tiramisus in Adelaide:D

Chocolate pudding with poached pear~

Pandan custard cake~ very strong pandan fragrance:)

Donuts with ice cream~ one of the most amazing fried donuts that I have tasted in Adelaide. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy, moist in the inside:)

Almond latte cheesecake~ not bad. Definitely recommended for caffeine addicts:)

Eggless's chef did make some creme brulees last week but when I arrived, all of it was sold out:( Note to self, MUST get to eggless early :P

Friday, June 10, 2011

1 fish, 4 methods (or more)

The boy and I made the mistake of buying 2kg of garfish just because it was cheap last month (I'm an impulsive buyer so sue me). I regretted that decision soooo badly because garfish can really stink when it's not fresh and it's very difficult to clean (the boy did the cleaning but looking at it just makes me feel lethargic LOL!!)

After deep frying them with eggs and flour, we have decided to get adventurous and creative with it (since there's heaps of it in the freezer).

Teriyaki salmon~ NOT garfish but just for completion. I usually pan sear my salmon with butter and bake it in the oven, topped with finely chopped garlic:)

Creation 1:

Baked garfish, stuffed with chopped chilli, spring onions, onions and garlic~ only problem with this is that the fish can get dried out in the oven=/

Creation 2:

Garfish dipped in flour and deep fried with chilli, spring onions, garlic, onion and some lemon juice~ the stuffings do tend to drop out while frying so be careful to not burn them otherwise you'll have to change the oil frequently (or suffer with bitter tasting oilD:)

Creation 3:

Garfish coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried, served with tom yam sauce~ this was the boy's creation. Do be cautious with the thickness of the sauce because getting it too concentrated can make you feel heaps dehydrated (osmotic effects).

Other methods that I have thought about are coating it with curry powder and deep frying, using herbs to marinate and coat the garfish fillets or you can even try using one cooking method and trying out different sauces for the fish:)

Something about autumn/winter

As I walk to my placement site on a daily basis, I find it very refreshing to look at the surrounding colours along my journey, be it from nature or from buildings. With winter just around the corner, it still feels like autumn. Rather than the usual bright, robust colour-ed plants that we usually see in spring, autumn colours are more synchronized in different shades of red, brown and green. Very earth-y colours:)

The creeping vines looks like something from a story book~ very vintage-like and certainly pleasant to the eye.

Thin maple tree branches against a clear blue sky~

Lost leaves, signifying that autumn/winter is fast approaching~

Despite the cold Adelaide weather, the sun still comes out for a visit;)

Cooling tree leaves~

Koala spotted at north adelaide, just outside the shopping area. I wonder how did it get there in the first place.

I'm planning on printing out a few of these pictures and giving them to someone so if you do have any suggestions, please do let me know. Much appreciated!! xx