Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kimchi stew, salt and pepper squid and honey chicken

Finally got down to making kimchi stew to satisfy my korean craving. Strange how watching korean people eat makes me sooo hungry lol. Am stuffing myself before heading up to Jamestown. Hopefully I won't get lost in the train.

Squid tentacles~ kinda hard getting all of it dried up and marinated=/

My pot of gold (for the week lol)

Salt and pepper squid~ Sounds better than it tastes.. I added too much salt and didn't really mix it well so the are some tentacles which are overly salty. Kinda hard to fry them because they keep popping oil all over the place=/

Frying in process~

honey chicken~

Kimchi stew~ Basically just fry some onion slices until slightly cooked, add pork and then add kimchi. Incorporate some water and leave to boil for about 10 minutes. Add some korean chilli paste and stir well. Add 2 smashed garlic pieces. Serve hot nom nom.

Bon appetit!!

Will be updating once I get back from Jamestown. Watch this space:D