Friday, June 10, 2011

1 fish, 4 methods (or more)

The boy and I made the mistake of buying 2kg of garfish just because it was cheap last month (I'm an impulsive buyer so sue me). I regretted that decision soooo badly because garfish can really stink when it's not fresh and it's very difficult to clean (the boy did the cleaning but looking at it just makes me feel lethargic LOL!!)

After deep frying them with eggs and flour, we have decided to get adventurous and creative with it (since there's heaps of it in the freezer).

Teriyaki salmon~ NOT garfish but just for completion. I usually pan sear my salmon with butter and bake it in the oven, topped with finely chopped garlic:)

Creation 1:

Baked garfish, stuffed with chopped chilli, spring onions, onions and garlic~ only problem with this is that the fish can get dried out in the oven=/

Creation 2:

Garfish dipped in flour and deep fried with chilli, spring onions, garlic, onion and some lemon juice~ the stuffings do tend to drop out while frying so be careful to not burn them otherwise you'll have to change the oil frequently (or suffer with bitter tasting oilD:)

Creation 3:

Garfish coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried, served with tom yam sauce~ this was the boy's creation. Do be cautious with the thickness of the sauce because getting it too concentrated can make you feel heaps dehydrated (osmotic effects).

Other methods that I have thought about are coating it with curry powder and deep frying, using herbs to marinate and coat the garfish fillets or you can even try using one cooking method and trying out different sauces for the fish:)

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