Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nghi Ngan Quan

Probably one of the first Vietnamese places I have visited since arriving in Adelaide but as it was located too far away, it wasn't worth the travelling inconvenience.But now that transportation isn't a major concern anymore, I am super happy that I got to dine here once again because the broken rice is one of the tastiest ones in Adelaide!

Quail~ apologies for the poor picture quality as the atmosphere was poorly lighted and I felt awkward snapping pictures in a very busy restaurant=/

Combination broken rice~ super tasty! For some reason, the flavours were more enhanced here (perhaps a longer marinating time?), meat pieces were succulent and everything on the plate was somewhat fresh. If I revisit this place again, I am making a beeline for this;)

Vietnamese pancake with chicken pieces and prawns~ a really unique dining experience. Aside from pho, broken rice and cold rolls, I am quite foreign with Vietnamese cuisine! A friend of mine recommended this, of which, I had thought it was an entree! Suprisingly enough, it was a massive pancake stuffed with cooked beansprouts, wrapped in a crispy pancake embed with chicken and prawns.

To eat this, simply cut a small section of your pancake, roll it in the lettuce leaf, add a few sprigs of coriander and mint, and alas, dip it into the sweet chilli dipping sauce. It is a really healthy option but very filling.

Did not manage to sample every dish on the menu but would definitely revisit again!:)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Steven Ter Horst Chocolatier

After a very chocolate-y and sweet escape to Melbourne last year (as seen here and here), I had cultivated a dislike for chocolate items. Not that I hate it or anything of that sort, but the thought of having a tiny slice of chocolate cake wasn't as appealing as it used to be. And that appetite lasted for at least 8 months?

Strangely enough, I am regaining my love for all things chocolate and what better way to start the indulgence than to try all the chocolate cafes in Adelaide? Aside from Bracegirdles (to-die-for-belgium waffles), I rarely go anywhere else but thankfully, I was in an adventurous mood to head to Unley and I certainly did not regret that decision!

I first came across Steven Ter Horst's chocolates at the Farmer's Market (held every Sunday). The chocolates were dark, rich and flavourful but sadly, I never did get to try their cakes or other creations. This time round, I had to have my cake (and eat it too!).

The entire outlet isn't very big (probably can sit about 10 people?) but there is a huge display of chocolates, of which, visitors would have easily noticed once they walk in. As for yours truly, I bee-lined straight to the cake section:)

Chocolate drink~ Chocolate-y goodness that is not overly sweet. I know it's good because the boy polished it off and only offered me a few sips-.-

Chocolate Truffle tart~ I loooove this and reckon it's as good (and also perhaps better!) than some of the more established chocolate franchises in Melbourne. Despite having a really rich, somewhat chocolate-y stickiness to it, nothing got stuck to the back of my throat and I love the crunchy bottom layer (hazelnut maybe??).

Lady Marmalade~ a new addition to their sweet line. Not only is it pretty to look at but it tastes really really good:)

The mousse layer is well made and the cake (at least that's what I think it is) layer is moist and deliciouss...

Some marmalade jellies for that unique burst of fruity flavours;)

Chocolate caramel tart, $6.50~ looks can be deceiving. I had my doubts initially as it didn't scream out as much as the rest did. Price wise, it costs about $2 less than the other mini cakes.

One bite and that's all it takes to sway me over. Rich chocolate-y goodness atop a thin layer of caramel encrusted in a butter-y, soft pastry. Simplicity at its best if I must add.

I'm definitely heading back there to discover what other surprises do these little delicacies have for me;) Perhaps this weekend, hot chocolate and a slice of heaven on a cold winter day? Have I tempted you enough?:D

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

June's mobile stories

What do you think of this title? These type of posts would normally be categorized under "mashups" or "random" but here's to me being a tad more organized with my layouts;)

June symbolizes the start of winter/ freezing season and what better way to kick start the month by having a warm bowl of chicken porridge:)

Made a marble cake but I may have over-dragged the different layers too much-.-

Green tea latte from Aviary~ another winter warmer:)

Oreos are a must have for surviving those crazy/ stressful days at work!

Interesting little bag indeed!

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away~ true enough. And it helps keep you hydrated!

Sale month~ I had to get some bling lol

Subway and cookies~ had this after going for some swimming with my brother. Such a rewarding way to fill yourself up after all the cardio workout!

Peter Alexander pyjamas and Au Matin cake for a special lil missy:D I still can't believe I managed to carry all these bags and the cake, without damaging/dropping the cake #awesomeness

Au Matin's ferrero rocher cake~  delicious and not too expensive. This one costs $28 and it's enough to feed 9 people + takeaways!:)

Nom nom nom~ love those different textures!

Pho~ winter warmer must have from Vietnam! I love having this with lots of dried chillies. Yummilicious!

Yours truly after a birthday celebration~ MNG blazer, ZARA dress and H&M necklace

Tasty fried chicken from Sweet Kitty, a newly opened Taiwanese dessert/ meal bar:)

Orange nailpolish from the boy~ This is the start of a new obession lol

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Osteria de Mesa

I have been wanting to go here for a really really long time and am now finally glad to say that I have! And I'm not disappointed too!:D Although the place was abit noisy for my liking (lots of other patrons around), service was good and food was delicious!

Some nicely baked bread to start us off~

Roasted potatoes~

Pasta with rabbit meat $22.90 ~ ok, I have clearly forgotten the name of this dish and I can't download the pdf menu so here's my best interpretation of the dish. Portion wise, it was filling enough to feed two petite guests. Generous amounts of rabbit meat is incorporated into this herb-scented sauce. A good choice if you are looking for some lean protein options;)

Tropicana pizza, $16.90~ I tasted this after I had a slice of duck pizza (I would highly recommend the duck pizza..really really delicious, well seasoned and well cooked). Good flavours but I was expecting a bit more:) The pizza behind this one is a funghi pizza with generous dollops of cheese, mushrooms and truffle oil. Super tasty as well:)

Seafood pasta $26.90~ this pasta had the most seafood in it, ranging from crab meat to squid to prawns! Really light tomato-based sauce which goes harmoniously well with the seafood flavours:)

Tiramisu, $9.50 ~ I'm surprised that I can remember most of the desserts names. I had to have a takeaway for this one as I was too filled up at that time and I just had to have this for old memory's sake. Strong caffeine taste, generous amounts of cream cheese incorporated, nicely soaked cake/biscuit layers. So so good:)

Overall, pizzas are a must have the next time I visit and if possible, I might try to squeeze in some risotto and  perhaps gnocchi? Who knows ;)

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ngoc Van Restaurant

Have been here many many times already but it is always a different experience in every visit (in a good way of course!). Surprisingly, I have come across many good Vietnamese restaurants in the past year and although most of the dishes are spot on, different shops boost different specialities and for this particular shop, I think the pho dominates:)

Durian smoothie and longan drink~

Pho with beef slices and beef balls~ strong tasting beef stock used and delicious beef balls:)

Basil and mint is a must~

With some chilli sauce!

Slurping everything down:p

Combination dry noodles~ generous amount of toppings used for added texture and flavour. Uber yummy:)

Combination broken rice~ one cannot leave a Vietnamese shop without sampling their broken rice. Crunchy pork cutlets, fragrant rice used and freshly cooked accompanying sides. Imma happy visitor;)

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