Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Au Matin Calme

I love freshly baked pastries for morning tea and couldn't be happier when Au Matin had an extensive range of pastries during my visit. The last time I visited, most of the favourites were sold out and I was really disappointed back then but now... I MUST try everything I can stuff my tummy with hehe.

Pretty decor for patrons to admire whilst waiting to be served.

Orange juice~


Almond croissant, $3.5~ fluffy, sweet and extremely delicious. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! A must must have. We couldn't resist taking some back to snack on;)

Lemon tart~ a highly recommended item and it was indeed up to expectations. Not overly sour, fresh and delicious. Would go down well on a cold winter day with a warm cuppa hot chocolate/coffee.

Chocolate caramel tart~ a little bit sticky for me but it was equally delicious:)

Peach tart~ was a bad idea to have to peach tart after sampling the chocolate caramel tart as it wasn't as rich but overall, it was still delicious:)

Chocolate croissant~ was a little disappointed with this one as the chocolate filling was hard. It felt like eating a block of cadbury chocolate. I would prefer it to be gooey on the inside but I guess the cold weather didn't really allowed that to happen:( However, I would be back to try this again someday;)

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