Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ngoc Van Restaurant

Have been here many many times already but it is always a different experience in every visit (in a good way of course!). Surprisingly, I have come across many good Vietnamese restaurants in the past year and although most of the dishes are spot on, different shops boost different specialities and for this particular shop, I think the pho dominates:)

Durian smoothie and longan drink~

Pho with beef slices and beef balls~ strong tasting beef stock used and delicious beef balls:)

Basil and mint is a must~

With some chilli sauce!

Slurping everything down:p

Combination dry noodles~ generous amount of toppings used for added texture and flavour. Uber yummy:)

Combination broken rice~ one cannot leave a Vietnamese shop without sampling their broken rice. Crunchy pork cutlets, fragrant rice used and freshly cooked accompanying sides. Imma happy visitor;)

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bonny b said...

How abt digressing a bit n post some pics of Barossa from yr walkabouts?

sri said...

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