Saturday, February 5, 2011

Belated Chinese New Year celebration

Went to Chinatown to get a few groceries to make my peanut cookies, one of my beloved festive treats so missed. Taste was alright but needs some alterations with my kneading method. Will figure how to mould the cookies without it crumbling soon:)

Slightly bigger than normal but will attempt this again soon!^^

Moonta Street Party celebration~ one of the food stalls available. The entire alley was crowded with curious onlookers, performers and visitors! Most of the shops were bustling with people. Gave me the new year feel:)

Chinese egg pancake~not bad for $4.50. Soft egg pancake with crispy inner fillings and an added hint of chilli:)

Take 2~

Went to my sister's house for our belated reunion dinner. She and Mr.Anchovy cooked up an 8 course feast which took them 5 hours to prepare. Hahaha.. good meal with great companies:)

The ingredients~ massive preparations needed.

Keropok ikan from Malaysia~ Mr.Anchovy parents were nice enough to bring for them the pre-fried version:)

Nian gao with sweet potato and yam~i'm suddenly missing this heaps!

Carrot juice in conjunction with the rabbit year~

Hainanese chicken~ good slicing/smashing techniques and presentation by Mr.Anchovy.

Steamed egg with cracked peppers~

Vegetarian dish~chinese mushrooms with cabbage slices and vermicelli noodles cooked with oyster sauce.

1 side of the table~

Lemang rice, cucumber and red onion slices~

Part 2 of the table~ steamed barramundi and soy sauce prawns. Finger licking good:)

Well grilled satay chicken with peanut sauce~ thanks Mr.Anchovy!:D

Brunei kuih sabit and kuih bangkit courtesy of Mr.Alcoholic~thanks for the lovely wine selection and desserts!XD Think I've gained 0.5kg from munching these after dinner hehe

Barli sweet soup with dried bean curd and gingko nuts~ sufficiently sweet although needed a bit more sugar hehe. Thanks for the dessert wine and sweet soup Mr.Anchovy!:D

Lastly, thanks to Mr.Hamsup for washing the dishes for at least 30 minutes. So sorry for messing up your hourse and making you sleep late but thanks for your hospitality:D Thank you Mr.Hamsup, my sister and Mr.Anchovy for taking the trouble to organise this event. Really awesome but wished time wouldn't have passed so fastxD

Let's do this again soon? Hehe:p

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