Saturday, October 8, 2011

Distance is relative

This must have been the craziest week I have ever had in 2011. Not only do I need to study for 2 exams but I had to also do some travelling. And now that everything's over, I can finally look forward to taking a 1 day break prior to my next course commencing.

Albeit the hectic-ness, I have gained so much invaluable experiences. I am extremely grateful for having such supportive family members as well as close friends. I may have let them down at times (and probably this time again) but I'll always strive to improve myself despite the disappointing moments. Thank you for your patience (I am aware that I can get very emo/cranky/ stewpig sometimes)!!!

The trip that will determine my is a really long one btw-.-

The sleeping monster. Only God knows how he can sleep throughout the day-.-

Humble little kitchen which reminds me of my current accommodation.

The apartment~

Dinner at Caffe Primo!!:)

Shrimps in a very cheesy sauce served with rice and salad.

Fish and chips~ generous portions. So generous that we could take-away our dinners for breakfast;)

My couch-bed. I watched 2 movies in one night, starting with the Simpsons and ending with Spiderman 2. I love Peter Parker's chemistry with MJ...soooooo sweeeeeeet x) Do watch the ending bit. Extreme love:D

Breakfast at Subway.

Le bus station~

Overall, long journey on the bus. Advice for short-trip travellers? Bring multi-purpose clothes (jeans, shorts, sneakers, jackets), toothpaste and toothbrush and some snacks to nibble on!!:)

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