Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ice cream dreams and salmon sushi

My sis and I went to HarbourTown last week of which, it was a trap, unfortunately for me-.- At least she treated me to some Baskin Robbins ice cream:D

So many flavours to choose from:D

My favourite pair of walking sneakers. Bought these for only aud$50 (too good to resist right?:D) They can be a bit troublesome to clean as it's mostly white in colour but I love them nonetheless:D

The boy's yummilicious fish head curry~ seriously super duper authentic tasting and it wasn't too spicy. He's awesome at asian dishes which is why I rather not meddle in that field;)

Salmon operation~ bought this fella for aud$48 (aud$18/kilo) which is probably cheaper than the fillets since you can use the bones to make curry as mentioned above.

Thank God i'm not the one operating-.- Haha

Fillet-ing in process~ not exactly sushi expert but maybe one day:D

Picking out the salmon bones~

Seasoning with some salt~

Aburi salmon time!:D With the recent increase in sushi prices from Grenfell's sushi train, the boy and I are quite reluctant to go there although we do miss their sushi. So...we decided to make our own sushi (the non fresh versions only)

Salmon pieces~

Chopped spring onions~

Boy flame grilling the salmon pieces with my creme brulee torch~

Some japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce~

Tadaa:D We didnt make aburi salmon sushi, ours is more of a salmon bowlxD

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