Friday, January 27, 2012

Indian Temptations

Much apologies for the super duper late blogposts. I am currently adapting to my new residential environment and am still lacking some internet services up there. Nevertheless, I shall attempt to blog as much as I can when I do obtain internet access:)

This is a truely authentic Indian restaurant, the cooks serve up finger licking good curry dishes and they are certainly not skimping on the amount of spices used. Highly recommended for its economical pricing and good quality food. Opens up until 3am so do head over if you want something to bite after a long, stressful day:)

Garlic naan~ yummmm

I can't recall what was this dish already but whatever it was, it was definitely good;)

Lamb korma~ tender pieces of lamb meat which can be easily separated from the bone. An ideal dish for someone who can't be bothered fiddling with bones like yours truly xD

Fish curry~ probably one of the most expensive curries I have had so far but it was worth every penny spent! Another highly approved dish :)

This particular restaurant reminds me of a few "mamak" shops back home in Malaysia. Late night crowd, delicious aromas waffling around the place and buzzing with bypassing cars :)

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