Thursday, November 7, 2013

Long House Cafe

I am a true blue Malaysian in a sense that I love my food be it spicy, sour or sweet. Having lived abroad for so many years, there is only a handful of Malaysian outlets that I visit on a regular basis because the food that I get at these places are similar to what I can get back home.

Despite claiming to be a Malaysian foodie, I am ashamed to declare that I have not been to the eastern states of Malaysia which are Sabah and Sarawak. Never did had the opportunity to visit these places but one day I will, don't you think so? After I found out about Long House Cafe, a little cafe that serves authentic Sarawakian food in Adelaide, I immediately made a few phone calls and before I realized it, I am at their doorstep!

First up, the cafe's walls are painted with different shades of pink which is just too adorable to ignore. Lots of seating area for diners and it reminded me of a typical kopitiam Malaysian kopitiam.  Prices were reasonable for the portions that we got so we were pretty stoked:)

Teh C ~ I do not usually have caffeinated drinks at nights but this one had a mild caffeine kick to it and I found it refreshing, especially after a hot day in Adelaide.

Sirap bandung ~ basically rose water with a bit of red colouring and frothed with coconut milk (not entirely sure if it was coconut milk or ordinary milk gahh). Did not have a strange scent that you sometimes get with artificial flavourings. Yet another refreshingly delicious item!

Sarawak laksa ~ the epitome of our visit here. From what my friends tell me, you can not leave Sarawak without sampling their laksa version. Vermicelli noodles topped with fresh prawns, shredded eggs, slices of fish balls, fried tofu, shredded chicken and garnished with spring onions, this was delicious. It reminded me of Kuala Lumpur's curry laksa but with some minor adjustments. I was delighted with the fact that the chef did not skimp on using fresh seafood, unlike a few cafes that I have been too.

Tomato kuey teow ~ I have never tried this before and hence, can not give a good comparison to anything I have had before but it is rumoured to a favourite in Sarawak. There are subtle hints of ketchup utilized in this dish which is a pleasant change to the standard types of gravy that you may source in Malaysia.

Fried ngoh piang ~ ok, not exactly what the restaurant refers this to in their menu but it is close enough for me. Fried beancurd skin with meat filling, served with sweet chilli sauce. The little pieces were fried to perfection and it was not soaked in oil when it reached our table. 

Very impressed with the standards that the restaurant tries to maintain and fingers crossed that things won't change too much despite getting more popular with the locals here! Cafe is opened for lunch and dinner on most days which is an added bonus, really! Lucky Adelaide-ians!!

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