Saturday, May 31, 2014

Exploring Sydney day 1: Fish market, Zumbo patisserie, Gumshara ramen

This is the second time I am visiting Sydney (blog posts on last year's Sydney trip can be seen here). Sydney is a very widespread city and one may need to travel further to explore more which was why I planned to visit a few different spots this time round. Australia is a big continent and I am forever grateful for cheap flight fares that enables me to easily move around the country. I traveled via Jetstar for convenience, reliability and affordable tickets.

First stop the bunch of us visited was Deus cafe which was located near our accommodation in Camperdown (about 20 minutes drive from the CBD precinct). Interesting decor on the walls but more importantly, a nice range of dishes to choose from which I would have loved to try if time permits.

After brekkie at Deus Cafe, we hopped into a taxi to the Sydney fish market where we literally went there on a daily basis throughout the entire trip. More on that later because it deserves an entire blog post to describe the scene.

And so, we adjourned to the Star Casino to visit Zumbo. Little did we know that we bought a whole V8 cake because it did not come in smaller sizes:( Oh and not to mention a few macarons along the way too. I think I can safely claim that I have tried most of the flavours available at the casino. Who knows what would happen if we had actually went to his main shop in Balmain. Perhaps on a separate trip:)

As you can see, macarons here probably costs less compared to Adelaide which probably reduced the rate of my wallet's diet. Would have liked to try his infamous Zonut but as stated above, we blew our budget on the V8 cake to which, I was a little upset initially but grew out of it I suppose.

And here I present to you the V8 cake in all it's glory and perfection. We bought smaller boxes to package the cake into and it did survive the 1.5 hour flight back to Adelaide. True enough, there were 8 evident layers, nicely set out with it's own individual textures and flavours. Very impressive and not something that would be easy to replicate unfortunately!

One thing that Sydney does particularly well is Japanese food. There are so many ramen outlets and sushi restaurants to choose from! In future, I need to organize a Japanese food hunt here. Aside from that, this pretty much summarized our first day in Sydney. Way too much seafood and sugar but luckily, we managed to walk off some of it whilst moving around the city:)

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