Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tai Pan, Doncaster MELB

I should know Chinese food like the back of my hand but sadly, I don't. Possibly due to the different terminologies that exist within the various Chinese ethnic groups? Having grown up in Malaysia, I am very familiar with Malaysian Cantonese to which, is very different from the proper Cantonese as observed from Hong Kong locals.

And so, ordering food at a yum cha session may be confusing at times. Nevertheless, it's always fun to learn something along the way:)

At most yum cha restaurants, it is essential to book regardless of how many people you are rocking up with. To be able to converse in Cantonese is a plus point too. As most yum cha restaurants are managed by Hong Kong people, you can be assured that service is efficient and at times, may appear rude.

Admittedly, I have a very high tolerance level towards rude staff service and so, I didn't have any problems here. Sure it's difficult to get staff's attention depending on where you sit but hey, food still gets to you regardless. All you need is a bit of patience:)

At Taipan, we fell in love with their pastry dishes. Yes, egg tarts, pork buns, cheong fun (rice pastry) etc. The pastries are buttery, pillow-y soft, freshly baked and warms us up from the inside. I would highly recommend steering your orders towards the pastry type of dishes if you are here.

The steamed siew mai and har gao were generously stuffed and in terms of their texture, it was not overly thick for my liking. We also had a plate of glutinous flour dumplings that were stuffed with black sesame paste and a bowl of tau fu fa. The black sesame paste oozes of a strong sesame flavour whilst the tau fu fa completed our meal nicely.

Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here and I won't mind heading back soon for another round of authentic and satisfying yum cha session.

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