Thursday, February 11, 2016

Niko Niko, Chadstone MELB

Nothing beats the feeling of having discovered a hidden (food) gem that serves delicious food at affordable prices. I am obsessed with Cantonese cuisine and to find a Hong Kong restaurant that is not too far away from where I live is the cherry on the cake.

Opened throughout the day and located not too far from the Holmesglen train station, this is probably the place to bring a group of friends who have different taste buds. The menu is very extensive and I am sure you will find a dish that suites your needs.

Shredded duck stir fry with vermicelli noodles ~ To be honest, I tend to enjoy clear broths more than thickened curry type of broths because I find it hydrating in a way. The broth had a desirable scent, possibly from the hours spent in the pot. Duck meat was evenly shredded to the right size aka not unbearably chunky nor stick thin.

Fried pastry rolls with meat sauce ~ this dish only came in an appetizer size but I found it more than enough for lunch as the pastry rolls can be quite filling. I found the sauce a little salty although I suppose that the idea behind pairing it with the pastry rolls that lacked seasoning. I secretly did enjoy nibbling on the crispy side of the pastry rolls which provided some textural contrast to the dish.

Porridge ~ this is one of the few places I know in Melbourne that serves a diverse range of porridge dishes for less than $10. Choose from chicken, pork, seafood or even the more exotic innards. In terms of taste and texture, it is very similar to the ones I have had in Hong Kong.

One cannot have porridge without youtiao aka fried Chinese curlers. I seldom have this as a child, purely because it's not the healthiest item to snack on but when I do, it escalated the meal to a whole different level. This porridge topper is prepared to order in the kitchen and tastes as good as the ones I had in the past. At $3.50, it does cost about 8x what I would pay in Malaysia but hey, its a rare treat;)

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