Monday, June 26, 2017

Review: Feastively

Now that the temperature has dropped significantly and the daylight is shorter, it is almost too easy to fall into a bad eating pattern without a second thought. I, for one, am extremely guilty of this and tend to binge on unhealthy food in the form of sugary, decadent cakes or the ever popular bowl of instant noodles.

Jun, the co-founder of Feastively, introduced me to a different world of food delivery which aims to straighten out us busy career minded souls' priorities aka looking after our own well being. Food was delivered straight to my work place and all the contents had been neatly packed, along with a sheet of instructions and a mini ice bag to keep the ingredients cool.

On the left was the bulgogi kit which consisted of a small serve of kimchi, julienned vegetables, marinated beef and rice. The right side holds the ingredients for making chicken korma such as a can of coconut milk, chopped shallots, marinated chicken, a packet of vegetables and basmati rice.

Each box of food was enough to feed two medium sized individuals. Bulgogi kit took me approximately 10 minutes to whip everything together and I even managed to prep an extra serve of steamed vegetables too. Chicken korma took a good 15 minutes as the meat had to be cooked thoroughly and probably best to leave it to simmer in the sauce anyways :p

And voila, food served in the blink of an eye. All in, the prep work was taken out of the entire cooking equation, making it a lot easier for time constricted individuals to prepare a healthy meal. Flavours were good and probably a lot more healthier compared to a regular takeaway or dining out in a restaurant, at a fraction of the price too.

Would I recommend this to someone who's just moved out of their parents nest and have no time/ cooking skills? Yes by all means :)

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