Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Miku Japanese Dining, Doncaster East MELB

Of late, I have been craving for Japanese food and quite specifically, sushi. After a brief introductory to Miku, I was blown away by the quality of each morsel served and knew that a second visit is utmost necesary to fully whet my appetite.

Nori chips - my best description of this rather addictive chips served upon arrival.

The sister opted for a sake tasting platter and albeit not being an expert in this field, I quite enjoyed the strong rice aroma of the dai gingo. From memory, dai gingo often refers to the highest quality sake in the house.

As an appetizer, we were served with pieces of halibut which had been lightly seared prior to being drizzled by a touch of lemon juice. Topped with fish roe and a small serve of seaweed, this got our taste buds excited for the other dishes to come.

Fried tuna fish wings - am not a fan of picking meat from fine bones knowing that my clumsiness could potentially be a hazard but I found this dish rather easy to dismantle as the flesh easily pulled away from the bones. The acidity from lightly dipping it into soy sauce balanced the fish's natural oiliness perfectly without masking any of it's natural sweetness.

Uni nigiri - As most of my family members and close friends would know, I can be extremely picky when it comes to seafood. Tainted by the pungent fishy smell that is often associated with seafood back in Malaysia, I tend to steer away from anything that screams fishy. Having tried uni at the Sydney fish market, a delicacy many describe as a taste of the sea, I recalled squirming at the strong fishy aftertaste. However, Miku managed to change my mind last weekend, serving me an extremely creamy and fresh uni nigiri. No fishy aftertaste and it left me wanting more.

Local tuna was used to prepare our otoro tuna nigiri and tuna nigiri. Being the fattiest part of the fish, the otoro felt smooth on our palate and it's richness was utmost divine. Not something one could indulge excessively in but definitely one of the freshest I had, more worthy than a few places I have visited in Japan.

Soft shell crab roll - I love a good crab roll and this one ticked all the right boxes for me in terms of size of each roll, proportion and freshness of each ingredient. Wouldn't mind finishing this myself had I not ordered other dishes.

Chirashi don - clearly my childhood dislikes had turned into a favourite of mine. Again, a faultless bowl of fresh seafood tactfully arranged atop of sushi rice, each still retaining it's own natural sweetness. If only Miku could be closer to my work place :(

Another light side dish consisting of crisp salmon skin served atop a small bed of sushi rice, dotted with fish roe. Ah how could something simple taste so good.

Sukiyaki udon - we decided to try this dish out of curiousity because traditionally, the thin slices of beef is best consumed with raw egg. A strange combination but somehow it works brilliants be it from the creaminess of the egg or the sweetness of the cooked beef. We made the mistake of letting it cool before we pounce on it tho.

Matcha cheese daifuku - starchy treats are no stranger to me and I loved every bite of this. Would have liked a little more cheesy taste but that could have been because the stronger matcha flavour had overpowered it slightly. Could still taste a bit of saltiness coming from the cheese tho.

Matcha daifuku - I loved their ichigo daifuku but sadly, that had already been sold out. This one is definitely for those wanting a strong kick of matcha for dessert:)

Matcha ice cream served with red bean - the only way to end an already satisfying meal.

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